Last Year's Tune; Skyscraper Stan

What an appropriate title for my last offering of 2023 :smiley:
Skyscraper Stan was my musical ‘find’ of the year-
NZ-born, Melbourne-based, six-foot-something songsmith, with a criminally low public profile.
It’s a song of two halves: A couple of lo-fi verses followed by a build up/crescendo of a repeating four bar progression
I think this is where it would have been handy to understand compression.
(After a few minor lyric changes in the first verse), I was a bit careless in the timing/synchro of the initial Trio+ backing tracks, resulting in my brother having some difficulty matching his drumming to the recording. Ah well… done is better than perfect. Chris sent me about four solos, which I thought were all fine, but just drew one out of the hat.
Tor didn’t feel an individual bass by him would add much to the project, but I did pressgang my youngest daughter who’s just back from Germany to add some ‘Aaaahs’ for additional texture :smiley:
I’m a visual guy, but never have any band footage for these collaborations, so borrowed a dance scene from Jean Luc Goddard’s film Bande à part (1964). A bit of ‘bashing square pegs into round holes’ was required, as they’re dancing to a quicker tempo in 4/4 time and this song is 6/8. I like the melancholy result.
I wonder what next year’s tune will be? :thinking:


I enjoyed it very much. And I like how it gets more and more intense with additional layers, volume, the great solo, and the screams at the end. And then after the storm things are quiet again. Great job everyone. :slight_smile:

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Another fine production from Brian’s Family and Friends, Brian. I’d call out the solo as my highlight amidst all the bright lights.

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You never know what you’re gonna get from Mr. Larsen. This one was impressive. It’s really something to have such a unique musical voice, Brian. There’s a lot for me to learn here in terms of finding my own voice, and just playing. That is an excellent end of year lesson! And then to fit a 4/4 dance into 6/8 time. Again, talk about doing your own thing, and making it work!! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Wonderfully put together Brian - a real treat!

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Hi Brian,
It’s about time, this is the first time I didn’t enjoy watching a video of yours… this doesn’t work at all in my head so I quickly stopped watching and just started listening… and that I thought it was really great, I really enjoyed it and if you had made music that fit “in” the video, that would have been really amazingly good beter best beautiful because I also thought the video was beautiful on its own and I immediately looked it up(her :roll_eyes:) after hearing your band …
Listen again tonight with my girl… don’t forget to give Chris a kiss… give the rest is also my applause, but the guitar solo was wonderful +

:sunglasses: :clap: :clap: :clap: BIS BIS BIS :bouquet:

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A grand job Brian - and I liked the video, hypnotic…

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@kamkor Thank you Kamil. Glad you enjoyed it :smiley:
Also happy you weren’t put off by the ‘screams:rofl: Chris and I had different approaches to backing vocals during guitar solos. He thinks it sounds weird. I think weird is good.
We compromised by removing a couple of my extra harmonies and adding in my daughter.

Cheers, @DavidP, I’ll pass it on to my axeman. I need to keep him sweet for these favours :laughing:

As long as I’m not the strawberry crème or Turkish delight left at the end of this box of chocolates, that’s a fine compliment, Mari :laughing:
Thanks for the listen and thumbs up.

@mathsjunky Ta Paul, much appreciated :smiley:

Haha, I’m guessing we see this in quite a similar way. I did mention “bashing square pegs into round holes” I’m not a fan of videos that depict the content of the lyrics, but prefer something that captures the mood.
I was fascinated by this clip and thought I’d just have to share. The fact that you looked it up afterwards confirms my good taste and no harm done, as you can close your eyes and just use your ears :smiley: It’s also a useful learning experience to try to match up audio and visuals.
Maybe blindfold the missus before you treat her? :sunglasses: :rofl:


Cheers mate :smiley:
It is cool, innit? Although I do find myself waiting for those moments when they clap in the ‘correct’ places :rofl:

Completely agree (although a direct connection is also possible, but finding the “mood” is more difficult and more beautiful) , and you always succeed … you saying something like pushing squares in round holes does not absolve you from your responsibility towards my expectations :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: … a rhythm video that deviates from the music that`s playing is a no-no sir :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


:sunglasses: I :man_bowing:to you …

even M. Knopfler sometimes made a mistake with a choice … ssso :smile:

Great idea, because the 5-day long weekend starts here this afternoon :joy: :rofl: :joy:

Thanks for the smiles here :sunglasses:

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Fabulous Brian. Really enjoyed that. Merry Christmas :christmas_tree:

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Really great Brian. I love all the different layers and they all came together beautifully. Superb production!

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Those are two of the chocolates I like best Brian. That must be why I always enjoy your ‘alternative’ taste in music.
Super collaborative effort there. You never fail to please. Keep hammering those odd shaped pegs into the holes in 2024.
Seasons greetings my friend. :smiley::santa:

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@Alan_1970 & @Eddie_09 Thank you so much, guys :smiley: It’s always a great boost when you’ve put a bit of effort into a project and others say they enjoyed it.

@sairfingers Haha, I think you and I are like chalk and cheese, Gordon :rofl:
Thank goodness for our love of guitar, common decency and a smidgen of dodgy humour. It might one day allow us to tour that bridge over troubled waters :smiley:


I am amazed by the things you manage to dig up regarding Artists/Bands and songs and from were you find youre «influence»
Most things you put out i would not ever discovered in a million years! :rofl: Love it!

Great stuff as usual Brian! I am with Rogier on youre vid there. Did not do much for me… but the music were brilliant! And thats the thing that matters!

Merry X-mas to you and you’re family Brian! :christmas_tree:

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One of the finds of the year Brian when you shared the tall man’s muzik. You and the Larsen clan have done a fine job on the colab and despite the intro the production was perfect for the song. I still see the Parisienne Geezers have no stamina and dropped out leaving the dame au chapeau cracking on.

Nollaig mhór mhaith don chlann.


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… and you’re family too, my Viking friend :laughing:
Mange tak!

@TheMadman_tobyjenner Merci, mon ami-
never argue with a con(naisseur)! :smiley:
However, when it comes to Irish linguistics, I’m afraid I am limited to a singular expression:
Pogue ma-honia :kissing_heart:

Didn’t want to get done for repetitive posting, so gave that phrase a miss this year. Nice to see the xmas kiss pic again though. Have a good un.

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What a great production Brian. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Definitely never heard this before but it captivated me, I was riveted to and the video too. I think considering, the video was great it was weirdly mesmerising while listening to the tune. Brilliant :+1: :clap:

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Nice one Brian. Of course I didn’t know the original, but you said this guy is an NZ-born Australian - I had to go check him out.

Found his website of course - - and listened to “Let Me Be Frank With You” as it’s top of the front page. Actually really good! Not the typical generic indie-lo-fi sound, but something a bit more interesting. I don’t know how you find this obscure stuff, but it’s one of the challenges with music these days. Growing up I knew of local bands, and you could go buy a CD of the band at their small concert. Local record stores would have local stuff as well as the big global acts.

Now it’s all mashed together in an algorithmic mess.

Oh yeah, your cover - great. I think the guitar solo was the highlight. Loved the tone and expression there.

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