Late Learner from Northern California


I picked up an acoustic guitar at age 40 around 2010 after a 20 year hiatus. I found Justin’s free lessons and began the journey. I’d say I’m an intermediate player at this point. I completed all the beginner and intermediate courses a few years ago. Now I’m focused on Blues/Rock and Theory.

I got an electric guitar around 2018 which has been just incredibly satisfying. My goal is to become an advanced player and play live blues/rock gigs locally here. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll get there, but I do see improvement year over year so I’m hopeful.

My influences are many and include Albert King, SRV, Hendrix, Clapton, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, ZZ Top, Allman Bros, Santana, Chilli Peppers, Mayer, Ray Buchanan, Alvin Lee, Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, and so many others.

I have also learned how to play worship music and play in our church band. It is quite a different genre and requires a whole different approach and I love that also. It’s forced me to learn to play a new song live without ever practicing it and be able to play in different scenarios such as with & without drummer, bass, with and without an amp and in different keys. Growth is a must in this environment.

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Hi, Enrique! Interesting story to read! So you have a solid basis to advance already. Enviable. Looking forward to hearing something of your repertoire in the AVOYP Section.
Wish you the best for for your way to the stages, seems as if there are plenty of opportunities for you to play for audience.
Have a good time, nice to have you here in this community!


Hello Enrique, a warm welcome to the community.
It sounds like you have come a long way, you know where you’re heading further and how to get there, plus you’re putting yourself into positions where you necessarily improve and learn a wider basis for music, how it works, the skills you need to make it and playing with others. All in all a wonderful way to enjoy your instrument.


Hello Enriqeu,
Welcome and i wish you here all the fun… and of course in growing further in music, and at the same time as a person and then sharing it with other people :smiley: :sunglasses:

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Hello and welcome to the community Enrique. :slight_smile:

I’m sure if you’re able to play at your local church you’ll be good enough to do some live blues performances. Good on you for getting out there and mixing it up.

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Welcome, Enrique, good to meet you here and look forward to following your progress and hearing you play.

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