Latency and a lesson learned

In OM15 I wanted to make use of my looper pedal and play an outro solo. Cut a long story short, latency got in the way of me setting up the way I wanted to. I made do. This morning, without having to worry about it all falling apart and not being able to get it back together for the show, I worked the problem.

Keeping it short … make sure all your software is up to date, the applications and drivers. In my case that is Zoom, OBS, and Focusrite 2i2 2nd Gen.

Brought everything up to the latest and my guitar latency problems were resolved.

Lesson learned!

Feel free to ask questions if you’d like a longer version.


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Glad to read that you got this sorted @DavidP . What pedals are you using out of interest? I think I need a looper.

I currently have three, Peter, and provided supply and shipping from Thomann to SA goes well, will sooner or later have a forth.

My first is TC Helicon Play Acoustic. It is a great combination for the acoustic solo performer, combing both guitar and vocal input and effects. The guitar effects are all TC Electronics pedals, including reverb, delay, chorus, and BodyRez. The last does a reasonable job of improving an acoustic guitar with piezo, making it sound much closer to its natural acoustic sound. Vocal effects include reverb and delay plus option to add doubling and harmonies. If I were ver to take a further step in performing then this pedal does a great job to allow me to sound live, as if in a home studio and post processing a recording in a DAW.

My second was a TC Electronics Ditto looper. Just the simple single button version. I think if I was buying one (I received mine as a gift from a generous Community friend) I’d consi8der the two button version, that separates starting and stopping recording from starting and stopping playback. Took a little practice to get used to the double tap to turn off playback as I needed to do last night in the OM.

For a player at my level, a looper is a wonderful tool, even if just a practice tool when working on lead play. You get an added bonus of training that internal metronome and building the neural circuits to coordinate starting and stopping with playing a steady rhythm.

My third pedal is a Caline Pure Sky overdrive. I figure it would be similar to the Tone City pedals that one sees on the Andertons channel. A cheap and cheerful, well made with decent sound, Chinese pedal that I believe is a Timmy clone (if I recall correctly). I bought it as a present to self after my operation last year along with the PRS I played last night. I do have an amp as well and for looping and lead play with the amp I used my guitar controls to get a distinct rhythm and lead tone just playing through the looper. But having the overdrive pedal has been a lot of fun, both for those noodling exercises and (for the first time) in a live performance context last night.

The forth pedal on it’s way is the Trio+. Again I think for the acoustic solo performer being able to add drums and bass will be both good for improving one’s rhythm and also makes the cowboy chords plus singing more interesting. As far as I can tell I sould be able to setup the Trio+ and then feed the drums and bass as an aux input into my Play Acoustic. We shall see, when it eventually arrives.

And for sure, you’d get great mileage from a looper.

It’s the best way IMO.

Electronic are not mystical. A typical “boutique” overdrive circuit comprises less than $20 of components.



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