Layout slightly broken on course lesson list

I haven’t unlocked the music theory course and the third module, Major Scale Theory & Key Signatures lessons list is slightly broken when viewing; with it stuck to the left of the page.

Affected page:

I have attached a screenshot below so you can see what I mean. :slight_smile:

the screenshot is not the strumming course, rather the theory course……once you pay for theory module 3 it will unlock.

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Oops! You’re right, that’s what I get for writing a thread late at night, fixed my post. :slight_smile:

The page formatting is broken slightly, with the contents hugging the left side of the page, I haven’t paid for the course yet but I will do it soon. :slight_smile:

Thanks for alerting an issue you can see Lewis.
For me, I see it normally so I’m wondering if it is due to you not having paid the sub to access those parts.

Can anyone else confirm if what Lewis sees is replicated on your screens?

Also, @lewislarsen what device are you on?

Richard @Richard_close2u

Grade 3 onwards of theory course looks fine for me.

Michael :+1:

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