LBro's Learning Log

Date Registered @ Justin Guitar: May 16, 2011


I probably should have started on a road case long ago as I don’t know if anyone really knows what LBro has been up to all these years on JG.

What you get is mostly some background history at this point. In the future, who knows. I would like to get in with a band but more so as the sound guy that perhaps plays a bit too, or helps write songs for the band. I have been GASING for years and every time I buy gear it is overkill, but with an eye towards being able to set up and record a full band. Drum kit – multi mic setup - all included and more.

Some have asked “why the screen name of LBro?
The name comes from the fact my Big Brother who was about 7 years and 7 days older than me used to call me Little Brother. It stuck and was used for my screen name at hotmail. When I signed up here I simply carried that forward and used LBro as my screen name here.

I guess my guitar journey started back in about the mid 1970’s. We used to make noise and pretend we were a band back then in my Dad’s basement. We stunk, but had fun and I was always the guy that built speaker cabs, trying to record us and play some too. Alas that was when I was about 15 years old in 73’. At around 22 or so the guitar got put away for a decade. When I had my kids, we would mess around with bedtime songs and they loved to sing “with dad”. NaNa of course was in this picture then and it was about 1985 or so we sang the song GMO (Give Me Oil in my Lamp) that we did (per the link below - which is a much later studio version of the song), in front of the entire packed church, on talent night.

This version of the song was done with 3 generations of the family. My oldest daughter’s 2 girls are about 6-9 in this and they sing the entire 2nd verse! I think they are pretty good in this one!

After a few years of playing along with the kids, the guitar hit the rack again until about 2008 or so. So that must have been a good 30 years. Sigh, wish I had continued to play all that time, but it was not meant to be…

It was at the suggestion from Big Bro that I check out in about 2009. He said it was a good site with some lessons and stuff. I did not act on that right away and in fact was just getting back into things since I had not picked up a guitar in years. So, for a couple of years I noodled around on a Strat, a cheap AI and used Cubase as my DAW. I did some jams back then and tried to turn them into songs and they were pretty bad. It was not until about 2011 that I went ahead and stopped lurking and finally joined the JG site. I even bought Reaper at this time but did not use it much as it seemed complicated compared to Cubase to me.

What I did not know in all this was I a little medical challenge called Hep C that was eating on me and my liver. I became a lot more tired and worn down as time went on. Finally, a doc was wise enough to guess I might have some sort of issue and ran some blood tests, finding out what I had. I went for treatment and almost signed up for an interferon treatment. However, that liver doc was short sighted and failed to look at all the meds I took back then. Had they, they would have found that a yearlong treatment on basically chemotherapy would be next to useless in clearing the bug. I researched the issue over the weekend as I was to start treatment the following Monday. What I came up with stopped my treatment plan in its track as I had a 1% chance of clearing or beating the bug. There were no all oral treatments available at the time. Some promising studies or trials were on the horizon and I made it my goal to get in one as time was running short. I had my name in from coast to coast in the USA at about 9 places around the country from the Pacific Northwest to Washington DC, down to Colorado and California. I learned everything I could about these new treatments; how to read labs, the bug itself and much more. I was on a special forum that focused on these new treatments and the bug. At all the places I mentioned I was on a lengthy wait list and it looked like I was not going to get into a trial. All this time the bug was working it evil path of destruction on my system. I finally got into a trial in San Diego. I flew there for 2 years doing 24 round trip flights. These cost me a lot, maybe 10 grand with hotel rooms and what not. Yet it was a bargain as the treatment would come out costing $150,000 USD. But it was worth it as I got the new all oral treatment free and it worked well. After just a few weeks I had cleared the bug, but the program did take a full 2 years of follow ups and more. A lot of folks on the help C forum reported new found energy after treatment. I did not and that might have due to my cirrhosis, which was left over from the 30 years the bug worked over my liver. Meh, I was still kicking, so I moved on. During this whole period of time and for 2 years I was off the JG board pretty much as I was beat. Guys like Roman came aboard after me during this time. Pat the Bunny came on and others as well.

In 2014 I started to feel a bit better and picked up my guitar again to start playing. I got active on the JG forum and even posted some in AVOYP. That is still probably out there but Sound Cloud was kind enough to delete all my content from up there while I was ill. I refuse to post there anymore because of that.

On guitar I find it real hard to get into proper, needed strumming patterns to do covers. I try, get frustrated and go back to doing my thing. I also find learning to be difficult due to suspected brain fog. Thus, my focus is on writing and doing original songs. Most of these that are posted here remain to this day and if you look in my footer you will find a link to my channel on YouTube. I think the first song I did was “We Have It”.

I made a mix of “We Have It” and did the song with NaNa, my youngest daughter. The tracks were horribly recorded but I had an ace guy name Scooter Trash who agreed to re-mix the song. He had been in live sound for over 30 years. He taught me a ton about mixing and GAS in buying plugs. He also helped me transition over to Reaper. I have tried to help some on the JG forum, just as Scooter helped me… Justin calls this: “paying it forward”.

At any rate his mix of that first song was great. You can still listen to that mix. I think it came out great. My wife, NaNa and I were so excited over that song and more so the mix Scooter did. Alas Scooter and I parted ways at his request, but I will always remember our friendship at the time and what he did for me.

That brings things up to date and that is pretty much it. I simply play now, working on things on the guitar. I do luthier/guitar tech type stuff and continue to set up my shop and tools. The shop is for working on guitars. I have a few of them and some need some TLC. So, I keep working on songwriting now, doing projects that lead to songs and more. I am going to beat this strumming road block and one day take on some covers, but my focus will likely always be on writing songs… I subscribe to the ‘Close2u’ motto on songwriting. He says; “if you write a song and it sucks, write another”. I can fully relate to this!

So, from LBro who was nearly a done rocker, I will as always say – Rock on – for the alternative is pretty bleak.

Play well, be well and Rock On!




Time slips by pretty fast. I started my Road Case over 2 years ago on April 18, 2019. As such an update seems in order.

I had a lesson with Justin after being selected for a Forum award. In that lesson we spent about 15 minutes on the Old faithful strumming pattern and he thought a couple of weeks would allow me to get it. Indeed, that was the case and I can do that pretty well. What I need to do now is incorporate that pattern into simple songs. So that is one of my challenges before me. I have a feeling there will be a breakthrough on guitar once strumming “clicks”. It will open up a whole new world of being able to play covers.

I am pretty comfortable with the minor pentatonic on lead play. I hope to work on the “Blues Improv” lessons and improve there too. After that I will look at more lead lessons on here.

Some may wonder why some of my posts at YouTube are one man band projects. Well, I have worked with many folks over the years on projects. My hobby and interest have always been in recording, mixing and production. As such I never used to sing much. I left that to NaNa, my daughter. That was all fine and good until grandson number 2 (her first), was born. Now NaNa is a super mom and has almost zero time to be the super singer she was in the early days of my song writing and production work. At this point I end up doing a lot of the singing chores on songs.

To improve on singing I went with a local voice coach and learned a great deal. After some time I was ready for a new coach and am working on some lessons from

Over the past couple of years, I have had to pleasure to get to know OldHead49 - aka - Dave. His guitar skills are what I someday would hope to acquire, though I have my doubts I will get there. Together with Dave, we have been able to produce what I think are some decent projects. You can take them in here:

As vocals improve on my end, I hope to put more time in on the guitar too. One thing that has not changed is NGD and GAS. I still justify that as; “that is my hobby and I invest in it”. By saying that, at least the wife sort of understands the motivation for gear acquisition. At this point though, I really don’t need much more gear. The thing on this end is to learn how to best use what I have.

Thus, it is time to rock on and get down.

All the best and be well,


Looking forward to hearing your story, LBro

I am going to update it a bit and at least take out some of the typos!


Good read LBro always nice to the back story of folks who have been here and stuck with Justin for the long run, guess that is the exception in these modern times. :sunglasses:

Hi Toby,

I don’t know when Justin started out with the site? But for sure, it seems like it’s been a long time on this one. I have met a lot of good folks on here too. So as you might say; “it has been a good ride”.

All the best as you carry forth,


So glad you’ve shared some of your impressive story LB. Pleased to know you’re still with us despite the health challenges. Perhaps your GAS virus keeps you here :laughing:

I’ve been one of those fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of your willingness to share your knowledge and help others. Without your help and guidance there’s no way I’d be using a DAW. Biggest thanks for that :hugs:

I do hope you get to live your dream of being the sound guy a playing a bit with a band. The 15yo you would be pleased. :guitar: :microphone:

@LBro in the house! Good to see you here. I’m probably later than most. :slight_smile:

So good to hear your back story and happy that you pulled through. It’s been great getting to know you a little bit. Looking forward to hearing some good stuff from you in the future.

Quite a road, quite a ride, LBro.

As another who has been on the receiving end of your “pay it forward” ethos, I can but say “thank you”. You have been incredibly generous in helping me to learn more about Reaper, recording, mixing, and production while being a good friend. I most certainly would not be producing what I produce today without your contribution to my learning and am eternally grateful and appreciative.

Keep rocking on and I am sure you will master the strumming and singing, which will just add another facet to your musical diamond.

Hi Batwoman,
Nothing like GAS to keep one in the groove and on the beat!

No problem on helping you out on your journey. I still remember Roman prompting me to give you a hand. It was a pleasure to do so and then to get an opportunity to see you “live” when over in your neck of the woods.

I have a ways to go before I could play with a band on guitar. For now I would settle for jamming with my old next door neighbor. I will also settle for the DAW amount of recordable tracks. All I wanted back in the 80’s was a 4 track recorder. Today’s DAW is all that and 100 tracks more! That is so impressive to me!

Take good care and keep up your rock’n ways!

Hey CT,
What you loose in longevity here, you surely made up for with your impressive play, singing and garden! Eve would be proud of your plantation! :sunglasses:

I hope to up the game in the future and I will do my best there. Some more dedication will help. Though with the medical challenges, learning is a tough gig.

Take good care,

Hi David,
I am glad things have worked out so well for you and I was able to be of assistance to you in your journey so far. The future is ripe with opportunity for more growth for both of us and will be exciting to work towards!

Keep rock’n and take good care!

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YOU’RE impressive to me. :star_struck:

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This Playlist is a smorgasbord of songs dating back to August of 2015. There are originals in here mainly done by myself or with NaNa (my daughter) too. There is also a few flavors of collaborations and covers, some done with others in the USA and some internationally. The credits are listed in most videos at the end of the song. Later songs differ in that they are presented by a ‘Media Outlet’, offering the song at the start of the video as follows:

  • West Coast Media - Likely to be originals I have done as a one man band or including NaNa.
  • Coast to Coast Media - All collaboration members are from the USA.
  • World Wide Media - International collaborations from around the world.

Some LBro’s favorite highlights
Old Engine 109 - Possibly best original to date - Original
Hey Joe, Cover Song - OH49 Guitar work - Good Jimi H. play - Cover
Sad Man’s Tongue - Rocks big, with Kasper guitars, starts like J Cash and goes full metal! - Cover
Give Me Oil In My Lamp - 3 Generations of family Sing - Cover
Ring of Fire - Uptempo Cash will knock your socks off! - Cover
The Deep Blue Sea - Duet with LB and NaNa - Original
Fly Lacey Fly - Great Eagle shots & backing vox - Original

Enjoy or cringe,


LBro, love that photo of Production Central.

Definitely “enjoy” not “cringe” when taking a look and listen to your productions!

For those who’ve not listened to any it is certainly worthwhile to dip in and sample some, both covers and originals.

Hi David,
The photo is pretty old as those were my old monitors setup. If I can still edit the post I may do a shoot of the new setup and replace that pic. Thanks for the kind words!

I like your fancy “Rock on” graphic or whatever that talking head is. Pretty cool!

Take good care and continue to rock!

It is indeed and super easy to do. You go to this website, search for the animated GIF of choice, right-click on it and select “Copy link address”, and paste in your post. The editor then takes care of the embedding.


How great to be able to access your back catalogue at this one stop shop. As @DavidP said for anyone not listening to our Little Brother before, just hit play and sit back, enjoy the ride.


Thanks Toby,
You rock as well!


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I’ve previewed all the songs. Some more then others and I’ll be returning to listen more. I don’t have the knowledge of how you put these together but I admire the results. Great work.