Lean on Me (Cover)

I have been working on this a bit and decided that it was time to get another AVOYP out.
Lean on Me


You might be clueless as a luthier but you nailed that song. well done

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Wonderful Mark. Really good job with both vocals and picking.

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Hi Mark,
Sweet :sunglasses:,…nice played and sung :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet:

Hi Mark, most enjoyable, thanks for sharing.

Great version Mark, well sung and played. Super pick/percussive hit action.

A song that is on my list of future projects. Working on it “a bit” has paid off for you. Great job all round. Well done. :clap: :clap:

@tony :rofl: Thanks!

@roger_holland, @Malz, @sairfingers, Willsie01- Thank you.

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Nice i enjoyed that!! You did great!!

Lovely! I really like that song. Sponsored by Anderton’s too! :joy:

Thanks Byron!

Thanks Phil. Short story long about the shirt, we visited Andertons on a trip to England in 2019, and my wife tried to get a shirt for my birthday. They were out so she ordered she ordered on line. Along comes the pandemic and it took 1 1/2 years to get the shirt. They obviously don’t have the same supplier that Justin uses, because the lettering isn’t lasting very well.

Ah I think I see the problem: you’re washing your shirt. It’s meant to be a rock 'n roll item of clothing, never washed between sweaty gigs. :rofl:

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Nice fingerstyle there going Mark, never seen you from this side before and it was most enjoyable!

Great job! Great song too!

Don’t be afraid to get into that breakdown section with more percussion on the guitar.

I look forward to more! Thanks for sharing.

Wonderful job! Such a beautiful song and you did a great job with it :slight_smile:

Awesome job! That is such a timeless song!

@adi_mrok - Thanks Adi, I actually like fingerstyle acoustic the most so far. I haven’t done it for an OM yet, but that will change next week. :wink:

@Endureth - Thanks John. I agree that could have ‘belted’ out that part, as well as the outro a bit more.

@SylvieL - Thanks Sylvie!

@Traveler - Thanks Travis!

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Well done, Mark, enjoyed the vibe you had going there.

Thanks David!

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