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I really want to follow Justin’s advice and get some basic piano skills. I already know basic chord theory and how to play chords on the keyboard but how to turn that into song accompaniment is beyond me. I don’t really care to learn to read sheet music; I’d prefer to play from chord charts, like guitar.
Anybody have any advice or recommendations for websites, apps, or other resources?

Not sure how much you know really but you can use the piano chords in the same way as guitar chords. You can play your notes in different inversions to fit them together better eg C major can be C,E,G or G,E,C etc and you can always add bass notes in with your left hand. Also you can arpeggiate the chords playing one note at a time perhaps over a left hand bass notes. Don’t know if that’s any use :smiley:

You’ll need to know the notes of the keyboard (there are only 12, so this isn’t too bad). If you know that and you know chord theory you should be able to accomplish your goal. You could read guitar chords and just play the piano equivalents. If the guitar chord is C, you’d play the notes C E G on the piano (in whatever inversion or configuration you find pleasing). If the guitar chord is C7 you’d play the notes C E G B. And so on.

This is something that I’ve been pondering about for a while as my one of my neighbours that I get along well with teaches piano. I’ve just haven’t been sure if it’s wise for me to try learning to instruments at the same time.

Applying the learned guitar theory to the piano is a very good way to understand things even better, and for some people it is just that little bit easier to see on the piano and then apply to guitar,
And a few minutes a day piano has never made anyone worse off playing guitar @Socio …i hope :wink:

Thanks Roger, it just seemed like hey I’ve got a friendly neighbour directly across the road from me and I’ve always been interested in learning to play the piano too (when you watch the documentary Get Back the Beatles were able to play multiple instruments) and I’m in a good position to ask the neighbour if she could teach me. I could always buy a keyboard for practice, I presume?

Go for it… :sunglasses:

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