Learned a new skill, (pointless but learned it anyway)

Hi all, Im not sure how relevant this is but for some reason My brain decided to try patting my head whilst rubbing my stomach, A thing I have never been able to do.
Instantly could do this no problem, change direction etc with no effort.
Since learning to play guitar I can now do this pointless task with no effort at all.


Playing guitar rewires your brain see what other useless skills you’ve developed. :wink:


Hey, I could do this before, albeit slowly. Maybe that means I’m a natural at guitar!

(Just tell that to my F- mini chord!)


I can play the full f barre chord better than the mini f. Really struggle with the mini f

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If someone is patting my head, I have real trouble playing guitar…


Yup, I found that kind of surprising after hearing all the talk about the dreaded F chord. Mine is coming along nicely, but not that mini version!

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Can you trace a clockwise circle in the air with your right hand and at the same time trace a number 6 in the air with your right foot? While sitting down of course. :smiley:

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Yes lol

Keep in mind that mini F is an F chord “ cheat”… if you have difficulty with it, finger the full F & only play the 4 highest strings… doesn’t hurt anything - except maybe “mini F bragging rights”!!! :roll_eyes:


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Got distracted…

there’s absolutely no way I could ever possibly do the circle/number 6 thing :face_with_spiral_eyes:!!!

I’ve been able to do the head/tummy thing for as long as I can remember! :grin:


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