Learning cool riffs

Hello, i think that it would be a great bone to throw at beginner electric guitar learners to learn some cool songs like high way to hell or everlong. I learned these songs inbetween the lessons and they really gave me a boost. Maybe something to think about, to throw the bone a bit more often

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That’s sort of incorporated in Justin’s lessons already no? There’s a riff in almost every single module in grades 1 + 2. These are all in the first 2 beginner grades:

  • Peter Gunn theme
  • seven nation army
  • come as you are
  • sunshine of your love
  • wish you were here
  • californication
  • la bamba
  • enter sandman

Yeah, those were fun lessons! I kind of miss that now that I’m in Grade 3, but it makes sense, we’re supposed to be figuring out what kind of music we want to play and learning those riffs by ourselves.

I might go back to Enter Sandman, back then it was too stretchy for me to play the ‘proper’ way but I might have a better shot at it now.