Learning delta blues

I’m interested in learning some delta blues, but Justin doesn’t appear to have any lessons/courses on this particular style of blues.

Could anyone point me in the direction of a good resource to learn delta blues? I’m currently at intermediate grade 5.

This is the sort of resource I’m looking at:

Most google searches point towards the ‘Blues Guitar Institute’. They have a delta blues course but it seems that you can only get it on subscription, rather than as a one off. Does anyone have experience of learning with them?

Of course, if Justin had something along those lines that would be my first port of call!



Welcome to the Community, John.

Have you looked at Justin’s Solo Blues Course. It is one of those that you have to buy but could help with some foundations for getting into delta blues.

Outside of Justin, I am sure there must be lots of options. Have you looked at DaddyStovepipe’s YouTube channel?

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Awesome, thanks @DavidP I wasn’t aware of the Solo Blues Course and it looks like just thing I’m after so I’ve purchased it, cheers!

Funny you mention Daddy Stovepipe, I bought some ukulele tab/videos of his what must be about 15 years ago. Didn’t realise he did guitar stuff too - will check it out!

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I have Justin’s solo blues course and though I really am not ready for it, I have dabbled in a few parts of it. It is a really cool course and should be a ton of fun. I would recommend it!

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Well worth a look, there’s a shedload of stuff to look at, He’s always been one of my go to’s

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I would second Justin’s solo blues series. I have the original DVDs :open_mouth:

Also look up “Hideo Date.” He’s a guitarist who has a bunch of lessons online. He tunes to A 432 to get the Robert Johnson sound.

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