Learning Log edits

I was wanting to add my latest AVoYP to the list of AVoYP’s on my Learning Log but it appears we have the same problem as before on the old forum. After a period of time you can’t edit posts.

To keep my list up to date I’ll have to copy and paste the original post into a new one and add in the new song. This will have to be repeated for future songs when the edit time limit is reached.

Is there any way we could have permissions for unlimited time edits on our own Learning Logs?


I’ve tried to find out what the time limit is but no luck. I’d like to do a learning log but not being able to edit is holding me back.

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I will change it Gordon so first posts can be edited by the owner.


Try it now @sairfingers


Brilliant. Thank you @Richard_close2u! :+1:

While I’ve got your attention. On the old forum you could preview your posts. The Community site doesn’t have this facility (at least I haven’t found out how). This was useful when posting things like photos and links as you could make sure things worked and looked right prior to posting.
I’ve just had to edit my AVoYP post a number of times as I couldn’t get the link to work/look the way I wanted.

I’m using my iPhone. Perhaps things are different on a pc/laptop?

When I write a new reply, edit etc. the PREVIEW is on the right hand side of my screen. This is in a browser on the laptop though so may be different depending on the device. So to be clear you don’t click a separate Preview button it automatically shows it as you type. See below (and just discovered I can copy and paste images directly!)

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Thanks Jason. I think this must one of be the limitations of using a phone. I don’t have the preview panel that you have.

Also the reply to an individual is still ‘iffy’. I used the little reply arrow, your icon was shown in the top of the reply box but the reply has not gone to you.

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I get a preview pane on my Tablet or Laptop but not on my Phone, it’s a bit of a pain at times :worried:

You should have it on your phone, check out in my video below should be same for apple. Bottom right corner there is image icon and the other one like a pc screen is preview.

Sample link

Screen_Recording_20220121-155250_Samsung Internet_1


So that’s where the preview is hidden. Thx Adi. Don’t use the phone that much but useful to know. :sunglasses:

Aha. Thanks Adrian. Still lots of things to find out about here!

And this time the reply to an individual worked. Weird!

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