Learning more rock/metal guitar

Been playing for a couple of years now and Justin’s lessons have been an absolute gamechanger for me, especially since I wanted to play the acoustic mainly. Lately however, I felt I’d like to steer into the electric guitar world a bit too - is there anything you know about playing rock/metal that is similar to Justin’s approach, since he does not have a course on that aspect? Something that also guides you in a structured way through the techniques and ways to just have fun on the electric guitar.

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Hi Tigro ,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun ,
Do you mean something like this …And the accompanying lessons… have fun


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Also, start learning how to play power chords in drop-D tuning. Justin has a few lessons on alternate tunings.


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I’d like to learn to do the metal chug thing! I think my neighbours would like it too :joy:

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Hello Tigro & Welcome!!!

Have fun learning new skills with your guitar!

Tod from New Mexico USA

Hello Tigro,


The JustinGuitar Rock Songbook has a lot to offer. The challenge that a few of us started is to play and perform every songs in the book with a backing track. The songs in this book are more complicated than the beginner songbook, so they offer plenty of challenges.

Most of the first 15 songs are about the level of grade 3 and some are grade 4.
Then the next 15 songs are intermediate with a lot of barre chords and complex rhythms. And after that advanced… So you gradually grow a lot while doing it. But, it’s definitely achievable as you take it one step at a time.

Here is an example of my version of the project which have the first 10 songs of 15. It’s a really practical project, I learned a lot while doing it and I’d recommend it over another course.