Learning the Blues - where to go from here?


I am currently trying to work my way through Beginners 3, but what I really want to learn is the blues. I remember there was a module in Beginners 2 that was called Blues guitar and improvisation (module 13). But there is no follow-through! There is one tiny topic in Beginners 3, but other than that you have to wait until halfway into Intermediate 4 almost. Bit of a shame?


My primary interest is also blues. There are a LOT of songs that should be available for your learning already and through grade 3. Listen to a variety on some platform like spotify and start picking out stuff that sounds nearly playable. Make a list of stuff you like. Once you get into learning something you will realize how much you still need to learn and then you can start to direct your practices more heavily toward the techniques you need.

While I am not necessarily learning quickly, I can say that I am having a lot of fun doing so. This is my hobby, not my profession, so speed is not the top priority for me. As long as I can see a clear benefit to learning a thing it is not a burden and I can deal with my impatience of wanting to play it like a pro NOW. :slight_smile:

Hello Gert,

It is by design really that Grades 1-3 give you exposure to the broad range of music concepts, styles, techniques etc. , including the blues. This is to give you a well rounded and solid foundation to move to the intermediate levels, where the learning is less linear.
Having said that, there’s nothing wrong with checking out those blues modules, and see how you go. Being mindful of course, of any prerequisite knowledge or skills noted by Justin.
Also, there’s nothing wrong with supplementing your learning with maybe a blues book to digest a few concepts, techniques, and skills.

Cheers, Shane.

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