Learning to Fly on Strat

I have been working on the rhythm and chord changes for this fun song by Tom Petty. This is my second video posting. No singing this time so I can focus on the guitar.


Appreciate any helpful comments or feedback. Really enjoy the Justin Guitar lessons on the App. Up to module 19.


I see your strumming hand stopping and going you should be moving up and down with smooth and consistent movement.


Hi there,

I see you’re relatively new at playing guitar based on when you joined here. We’re glad to have you and glad to help. Tom Petty has several beginner friendly songs so this was an excellent choice to start with. Your timing is something to develop very early in your journey. Try playing a very slow basic down strum to feel the rhythm. Another tip is to mute your strings and just play the beat with no chord. Once you get the rhythm down then fancy it up like I know you can do. Best of luck and thanks for posting.


A couple of things have been covered by the guys above for you to focus on. Your chord changes looked and sounded good. Keep working on the constant strum movement and rhythm JJ.

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