Learning to play standing (power chords)

Yesterday I tried for the first time to play standing, auwch :sweat_smile: felt like I had to play chords for the really first time again :rofl: felt a little frustrated.
Today I started again, played 2h standing, and it feels almost good now, little bit more difficult then sitting, but there’s progression in my opinion :laughing:
Little video of “Brutal Love from Greenday”
Just the power chords section, gonna try next to make a video of the full song soon (this was our wedding song, so want to play it from A to Z, it’s not a difficult song so I’ll be there).


:clap: well done

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Standing is a whole different ball game but a good one to get under your feet, so to speak.

You did a good job with that one Cyril. I’m looking forward to the whole song.

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Gonna try the full song in a few days. Next one that i wanna try is Californication, but that’ll be longer to learn it :sweat_smile:

Nicely done! :clap:

When I first started playing standing up, I remember that it felt really awkward at first. I got used to it pretty quickly and now I actually prefer to stand. Nothing like playing some power chords while standing with an awesome crunchy tone :+1:

Yes the first time was really awkward, felt like I had to begin the guitar journey from the beginning :sweat_smile:
But after 2 days it already begins to feel “natural”. I think that it wouldn’t take long before it feels the same as sitting.
I also feel like I’m preferring to stand now :smile: so trying to practice the most of the time standing. Luckily, don’t have much trouble with the weight of my Les Paul (after 2 hours I started to feel it in my shoulder, think that’s normal :laughing:)

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