Learning To Sing (For Ear Training)

Scared to even start singing? This lesson tells you how to get going and some super basic exercises!

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You have a nice voice :smile_cat:


How can I be sure i am singing the right note?

Welcome to the Community, Liam. I have done some pitch work using a pitch meter app, there are many available. I also sometimes put the Waves GTR Tuner plugin on my vocal tracks to check my pitch.

It might be worth having a look at the following, too. There are a lot of hidden gems on the website.


@liamusthefirst and anybody else who’s interested:

I’m pretty terrible at matching pitch (which obviously means I’m pretty bad at singing overall hah) and when I started doing this exercise I knew II wasn’t really hitting the right note (without knowing how to fix it, though - I’m not great at sliding up or down in pitch) or I would clearly harmonize. What’s been helping me is I downloaded a free app called VocalPitchMonitor from the PlayStore (i’m on Android, but there surely are iOS apps that do the same, I’ve read good things about SingTrue - there’s tons of apps that do the same thing, just saying what worked for me). It tells you in real time the pitch you are producing with the instrument, your voice, or both together. I feel like having some sort of external tool that can tell me whether I’m on pitch or not has been helping loads, as I suspect that it’s one of the things that a singing/vocal coach would help you with in class. Obviously it’s a crutch and the goal is to develop your own sense of “right pitch/wrong pitch” but I think it’s acceptable for a total beginner who (like me!) has very little control of their voice.

I have definitely gotten better at matching pitch in just a few days so I’m hopeful I’m on the right path!