Leather and lace help

Trying to figure leather and lace by Stevie nicks and don henley . I know there are a few walk downs in this song so I thought it would be a great song to do for grade 3 module 15 . But I am having trouble figuring it out. There are many YouTube videos but don’t see one from Justin. Any help would be great.

Hi Jeff,
It’s a great song. I only wish that I had a voice to sing it.
As for the guitar part, here’s a summary of what I do. Once you get the foundation of it you can vary it to your taste.
Key Eb Capo1
Except for the chorus, I don’t hit the high e string for any chords. This makes fingering parts of the walk-downs easier and, conveniently, I don’t like the sound of high note in most of the sequences.
Most bars (in 2/2 time) start with a bass note. If not stated it’s the root note of the chord. There are other variations, but you can hear them in the song.
The G I use everywhere but the chorus is root note and the B string 3 fret, (like a stuck ¾ version without the high g and the low B) In the chorus I add the high g,
In the 2 bars of Asus4 that occur regularly, I make variations using Asus4, A, A7sus4, A7 depending on the song flow. E.g Asus4 → A

D D/C G/B D/A G D/F# Asus4
Follows the same general structure as the Intro (repeated 5 times). There are a couple of minor variations that you can hear listening to it
G D/F# Asus4
G D/F# Asus4


Yea great ! thanks a bunch I am going to work on this song . lots of stuff going on in this tune with the walk downs ,and it looks like I have my one finger held down on 3 rd fret on b string for most of the cords.it does move pretty quickly between cords with hitting the bass note then strum with a 1 2e and a.

Jon MacLennan has a good lesson on Leather and Lace on youtube.
He even explain the chord progression and other song that use similar versions of it.
Seeing how Justin doesn’t have a lesson I think it’s OK to post it. Leather And Lace Stevie Nicks And Don Henley Guitar Lesson + Tutorial + TABS - YouTube

Thanks stitch looking into it

I am still having trouble making this song sound like the song I am so frustrated at this time I almost want to Chuck the guitar across the room. I am following what to do and all shapes and chords and it just doesn’t sound right in my ears . I got the walk downs and just not hearing it . Wow I really need to move on from this song it has beaten me.

Are you doing the bass note then strumming the rest of the notes? Only hitting the bass note once.

Give us some hints on what’s not sounding right and maybe we can work it out with you.

Don’t chuck the guitar, chuck the song… but not too far. Just pick it up again in a few weeks or months… you’ll get it eventually if you keep after it.
I’m in a similar position with Django’s Minor Swing. Mark Knopfler plays a version that I so want to play… I periodically pluck away for a few days & then shelve it. The good news is that I feel a bit of progress now & then, like a glimpse of good things to come!

Till then it’s in my Dreamer’s list that comes to the Developer’s list for a visit once in a while!!!
The goal is to have it as a Campfire/Performance song! Stay tuned & I may post a AVOYP of it in a year or two!!! Ha!


Will try to record and play what I know and post tomorrow maybe it will shed some lite on what I am doing wrong

Here is small sample and I just can’t get it.

from what I can hear on my laptop(had to turn it up full volume to hear it), you’re strumming all the strings and strumming fairly hard. You need to play the bass note then brush the D G and B string.
It really doesn’t sound to bad just need some finesse on the strumming and the accents on the rhythm. Play the bass note. then strum one down strum, no up strum or slight brush up strum then DUD.
I’ll listen to it again tomorrow on my PC at work it has better speakers

I need to take step back and look at this . Thanks for the help . Sometimes you just need someone to hear what you’re doing wrong to correct it.