Leave Out All the Rest _Linkin Park

It’s Saturday and I was feeling this song, wondering what would people think of after I’m gone. What would I leave behind for memories? This was Chester’s so maybe one day I’ll have my own song. Until then enjoy Linkin Park



Hi Jeff,

what a lovely place and how brave of you to play out there with the people around. Pretty sure they enjoyed the performance. :slight_smile:
Your playing sounded really nice and rhythm seemed steady. Unfortunately, the wind caught a lot of your singing, but that’s just like adding some atmosphere and mood to the tune. Well done! :clap:

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Hi Lisa.

Thanks for listening and sharing feedback. I I play in front of people every now and then. Last summer I did so in Hollywood and was supposed a small crowd gathered toll watch. This one was a local park near home in San Diego. I could have used a microphone here but overall not too bad. Have a great evening



Good work, man! I agree with Lisa that it’s cool to see someone getting out in public and playing! I’ve really never even CONSIDERED playing outside of my bedroom. :rofl: You’re a brave soul!

After reading your comment above your video, I’m reminded of the song “Moments Like This” by MxPx. You might want to check that one out if you’re thinking of rock songs on that theme.

Music Video for “Moments Like This” by MxPx:

Thanks for sharing the video. It’s a really cool song. It’s not as scary as you think playing in public. Nobody will heckle you or throw tomatoes. Most people appreciate that someone is playing music. I got three people tell me nice job after the song. The harder part was finding a semi quiet spot to film. You can do it too. Make a plan to get out and share your music one day. In California guitar players are a dime a dozen but there’s only one me leaving my mark in the world. There’s also only one you who can do the same. I’ve posted a few songs here the past t year that we’re out and about. I played Def Leppard in Hollywood and Green Day and kiss on Catalina Island. No rotten tomatoes thrown- I promise lol😎

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Jeff, I love the way you get out and about with your music. Well done. Getting better all the time! Are you recording directly to your iPhone?

Hi John,

Yes, I recorded directly from my iPhone. I could do better with a microphone and better recording equipment. This was just a spontaneous idea to record something at the local park. Once in a while I do videos outdoors. I don’t mind onlookers, but sometimes it is hard to find a spot without someone’s radio blaring or noisy chatter from a party group. It helps build confidence knowing someone is gathering and listening.

I appreciate the compliment! We can all only impetigo effort and practice as the days go by. Have a great day.


Nice one Jeff and very enjoyable. Great location as well.

I bet Chester was watching from somewhere with a smile on his face.

Hi Stefan:

That was nice to hear. I have been trying to get out in public every now and then to play and do a video. A few people said nice job playing while I was performing. The hard part was getting away from the noise of typical family gatherings at this park. The screams you may have heard were children splashing through the water sprinklers in the play area. The area I live in is full of rolling hills.?I’m hoping to get that in the background one of these days for a video. Not exactly the Schwarzwald, but still nice scenery lol. Have a great day😎

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Good stuff Jeff. You’re sure find some beautiful places to play guitar. Well done. :smiley:

Hi Gordon.

Thank you for the nice compliment. I get bored with my home office/music room and it’s nice to get out and enjoy the weather every now and then. Thanks for listening and hope all is well with you.

Today this song just got some new meaning. An old friend messaged me last night that another of our old friends from high school died suddenly of a cardiac embolism. There was then a new appreciation for this song as it fit the moment. Don’t wait until it’s too late to reach out to someone to say hello and leave something behind to be remembered.