Leaving on a jet plane, 1st time trying to sing

1st time singing in public, hate the sound of my own voice.
Reading the lyrics, so mucked up a bit, hope it doesn’t offend you too much

Leaving on a Jet Plane


Your guitar plying sounded superb Gary!! Your voice was very good! No need to be ashamed :grin: it was a pleassure to listen too.

Very well done!! Keep em coming. Looking forward to more :+1:

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Man, another awesome one. Singing was great and playing awesome. An inspiration for where I’d like to get to, makes me want to play more fingerstyle.


Well done, truly enjoyed listening to you play one of my favorite John Denver songs, in fingerstyle! Your singing was also a nice accompaniment, as another commenter said, no reason to be ashamed.

Hey Gary,

That was seriously good my friend. Really was. Terrific vocal debut and enjoyed it very much. The fingerstyle guitar playing was very sweet, perfect timing, and the singing was actually very good Gary. Had a soothing sort of quality to it that suited the song, certainly very much in tune and in time. Found myself singing it a few minutes after, as I went about my business, so that should tell you something. :+1:
I’d enjoy hearing more like that from you.


Sounded great to me, hope to be at that level one day

Your cruisy guitar tone is well matched and met in your singing voice Gary. Good job.

:clap: :clap: :clap:

Bravo, Gary. That was a most enjoyable performance and fine rendition. Your guitar playing was smooth and the singing easy on the ear, good feel, timbre, melody. And to sing and finger-pick so fluently is something to be well pleased with.

Look forward to you singing more songs!

Excellent performance Gary and very pleasant to listen to. No worries at all with the quality of that.

First thing to say Gary, is don’t apologise in advance for mistakes. Unless the listener is very familiar with a song they won’t notice lyric mistakes.
That was great. Singing and finger picking together is not easy and you did really well. I enjoyed your version.

You did so well on this. Your voice is just fine. Who said you can’t sing. I say you CAN sing! And your fingerpicking is just as good. Very nice performance.

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That was great Gary, not offended at all. Singing and playing were excellent, maybe the guitar could have been louder compared to the singing.

Excellent! What fingerpicking style is that?

I thought you did a fantastic job singing and playing. This inspires me to improve and get to your level of talent. I loved the finger style picking too. The only bit of feedback is the songs ending. Maybe find a balanced ending. A few things could be one more chord that rings out or one more chord progression played at half speed. Overall very impressed sir.


Gary, this was amazing! Why on earth do you have doubts concerning your singing voice? It sounds warm and nice and fits perfectly to this beautiful song. I like the finger picking too, think you’re doing very, very well. I hope to ever come to the point you are right now!

Another great tune Gary and I think the majority of people hate to hear themselves sing but I thought you had a great voice. It just lacks a little confidence.


Gary really enjoyed your song. I’m a huge John Denver fan. Awesome playing too.
Happy playing.

Gary, this was awesome. I’m putting more emphasis on my finger style practice after seeing and hearing this performance. Way to go!!!

It’s very nice and fits the music that you play very well. :slight_smile:

Gary, that was wonderful. You have a really nice touch on the picking hand. You’ve inspired me to try this song out. Thanks!