Leaving on a Jet Plane no longer playing on Justin Guitar App

Anyone else having an issue with Leaving On A Jet Plane not working on the Justin Guitar App. It starts the first 2 clicks before getting to the chords but then gets hung up. Problem started about a week ago. Thank you.

Hi David @dwmcrow, it does seem there’s something odd with Leaving On A Jet Plane, but there’s a workaround (at least on my iPhone!). When I play the song selecting Vocals, it gets stuck. But when I set the app to Practice, it plays through - with Vocals! The Band setting plays music only, no vocals. Hope that helps!

Thank you Judi. I appreciate the workaround. That did work for me as well.

For the attention of @MusopiaApps

Looks like Leaving on a Jet Plane was removed from the playlist. Will it be put back once the issue is fixed?