Leaving on a Jet Plane - timing

Justin’s video lesson uses G, C and D chords and is in 4/4 time. Great, just what I wanted! The App uses A, D and E. Capo at second fret to allow me to use the same chords as the lesson? My main concern is the timing as the App is in 2/4 time! The click at the start is 2 beats. The only time it seems to line up is when it goes to E and is there for 4 bars (in 2/4 time).

I downloaded the App a couple of days ago and other songs I have been practicing have been great. I didn’t find any other comments on this issue, but I don’t think I’m the only one learning this song so I may have missed it in another Topic.

Am I missing something?? Thanks for your help.

Went back this evening and looked at this song again, and I was missing something!! I didn’t engage my brain before writing my first message. The timing is fine, just a little faster than I was expecting. It all came together when I pulled out an old songbook and went through the song there.

The only difference was 4 bars of E at the end of the chorus in the App. The book only shows 2 bars. BUT after watching Justin’s lesson again he does say about “hanging around on the D” a couple of times.

So, my apologies for all this when you have more important things to look into.

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