Lee's Private Lesson 8

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Around the 21 minute mark Lee is playing the A blues shuffle, but he’s doing more than just the straight chunka chunka; I can’t figure it out, nor can I find a description in the grade 2 blues lessons. Can anyone help me out with that?

Looks like he’s putting some “passing tones” in, “walking” up or down to the next “target note.” You could try using the Settings on the YouTube video to slow down the playback speed and probably get a better look and listen to exactly what he’s playing.

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Lee is playing a standard Chunka Chunka but adding a walk up on the A string frets 3 to 4
them playing the fretted D.
The second time he’s adding a walk up using 2 3 4 on the A string then going to the D power
chord and continuing the standard Chunka Chunka

Ah, thanks, I think I see. Now to get the timing down…