Left Handed Beginner

Hey all,

I’m hoping someone can help me. I’m a leftie that is just starting out (I have the guitar and everything else ready to go) and I’m ready to jump in with learning with Justin.

My one question, does Justin’s courses work for left handed players? Is there an option to show the video lessons mirrored for example?

The reason I ask is because I know a lot of other online learning apps offer a left handed option whilst learning. I tried to find something online for Justin’s course and a left handed option but unfortunately, I could find anything.

Thanks for your time,


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Hi —I too am a lefty beginner and find Justin’s course to be great. I actually find it easier to follow finger placements etc as is without reversal. I tried the mirror thing but it was a mess for me.
Hope you manage.

Hey @tommion,

Thanks for the reply! I appreciate it. Just to confirm, there is a mirroring option if you want it, yeah?


No—not that I have found sorry should have made that clear. Personally I thankfully don’t need or like it but we are all different

Ah, gotcha! No problem at all. Cheers.

In case you haven’t seen it he has a thing on his website where he learns to play left handed “Nitsuj” amusing watch

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I randomly stumbled across that earlier! I’ll check it out as bet it’s a super interesting watch! :joy:

I’m also a lefty, and have found more success learning from Justin than any previous attempt I’ve made. The chord boxes in the lesson notes are right handed (and I don’t think can be changed), but you can switch your account settings so that the chord library shows left-handed diagrams (and of course, making/drawing your own chord book is good too):

Otherwise for the videos, I haven’t seen a need for mirroring since a right handed player is already my mirror on a screen. I haven’t had issues with “right hand” or “left hand” instructions from Justin in videos, either.

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Thank you so much for the detailed reply as that’s great news. The more I think of having a mirrored video, the more I realise that it doesn’t make sense and that I don’t need it lol

You’re welcome, and welcome to the community!

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