Left-Handed Chord Boxes!

Carol here in Fresno, CA. I am loving your lessons and how you work very thoroughly to help the beginning guitarists like myself! I am truly beginning guitar from ground zero and I am loving it! I will start by saying that I am left handed and I am following your lessons in your Nitsuj and then listening carefully to your lessons as you present them right handed. I also purchased you App and I am following closely to that format and really appreciate your extensive work and knowledge as you deliver your video lessons. If I could ask if you would possibly consider showing the chord boxes as a left hander would visualize the chord box. During your Nitsuj teaching, the chord boxes are presented righthanded. I thought I was going crazy for a left handed mind sees it differently than right handedness. I did buy a left hand chord book and knew that it could be done. You show the “thick” string on the left progressing to the right with thinness of string. For a true left handed person, the thick string should be on the right in diagram. Maybe you have already shown this in your lessons and then could direct me to where they are, if so. If you haven’t, it would be amazing to have a diagram of a lefthanded chord box when you deliver the Nitsuj version! I love guitar…thank you for making it a lot of fun to learn! - Carol Martin

Hello Carol, a very warm welcome to the community.
Look around, join in, there is so much here.
Maybe you’d like to introduce yourself here or start a learning log here.

To your question.
Moderator and JustinGuitar Official Guide @LievenDV is a left handed player too and has worked on this behind the scenes. There are some options for you.
Scroll all the way down on the web site pages to view this:

Ubder the More heading look for Chord Library.
Choose a chord then Chord Box Diagram.

There is a left and right hand option.


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Welcome fellow lefty @CarolMartin ! :smiley:

I know what you mean; for lefties it’s almost all the same except for chord boxes.
You might hear “flip them in your mind” but since you are flipping 2 dimensions, it is easier said than done (2 dimensions: strings and fret positions)

@Richard_close2u already gave you the beast tip I could give; check out the chord library! :smiley:

As for teaching: I actually found it useful to to be mirrored withJustins REGULAR right handed way. Instead ofl istening to “right or left hand”; having the neck mirrored in front of the screen and seeing that some fingers are close or far from the nut, gave me a good reference to “see” the shape of the hand and finger positions. How does this work for you?

So don’t limit yourself to the Nitsuj teachings :wink:

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Thank you! Mirroring is kind of what I am doing…I am learning the guitar so this is a slow process right now. Your tip to check out the chord library is a good one! I bought a book on common chords for lefties and that works well too. Once I get the feel of the chord I think it will be easier. Learning it is the tough part and only a lefty would understand! Thank you.

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Thank you so much! This is HUGE! I didn’t see this on the bottom of Justin’s website. I am checking it out right now. Thank you for your help.