Lefty Flying V bass? need some help…

My company band needs some more panache. I’m the bassist because nobody else wants to :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a decent red Harley Benton lefty bass but for entertainment purposes, I want to get a low cost flying v bass somewhere.

I’m not planning on whipping out a couple of thousands on a lefty custom Gibson or something and it could be a cheap conversion “project” guitar (albeit, done by somebody else because I don’t even halve a soldering iron)

Who helps me find or create a platform for this?
Flying V shape
Ability to attach strap as it is for show purposes :wink:
Lefty or converted to lefty. Can be very crude, covered up with tape, stickers etc
Control: Volume knob is all I need
Staying in tune half a show is a plus

Is somebody in Europe main land in the game to help me with this?
Even though it’s a grungy little project, This costs time and money; which I am willing to spend within reasonable fork.

I was kind of hoping to team up from somebody from the community for this in the first place.

Let me know if you got any good suggestions on purchases, online finds or project ideas. Up till now, Google didn’t render too much useful

Lefty Flying V basses are hard to find!

Here is a very cheap one I found. I have no idea how terrible it could be.

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hehe that looks quite terrible indeed :smiley: | Thanks for looking! :smiley:

How about an explorer style bass?

The Flying V is a very symmetrical guitar. Couldn’t you buy an epiphone like the one below and just swap out the nut and reintonate the bridge? The knob position may or may not be a problem. The korina is a short scale.


Buy a kit. If your good with a drill and router you might even be able to convert it to a lefty since it doesn’t seem to have a pickguard.

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Great suggestions,

A short scale is certainly a plus but the kit is cheaper and perhaps easier to convert.

The Epi almost seems too nice to butcher up :smiley:

Explorer shape is an option too; als long as it is the pointy explorer :wink:

Thanks; 2 great options for the project short list!

Another option might be to buy a cheap DIY explorer guitar body (they seem easier to find) and bolt on a short scale base neck as was done in the image below using a Tele.

Lefty explorer kit.

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The bass-guitar hybrid is nuts :smiley:
The explorer kit has potential too.

The list with options is definitely growing!