Lefty Poster with various scales

Hey I just thought I would mention I got a lefty chord poster to help me out with chords. Which really has been helping me to learn the shapes of the chords and appropriate strings. Unfortunately when searching for lefty scales which is basically the reverse mirror image of the right I haven’t been able to find one. Does anyone know of a lefty scales poster and where I could find it? I have a roll of paper I think I can use to make my own but I’d really like something more professional looking.

I’m a leftie myself, and i found this Interactive Left Handed Guitar Chords Chart, rather helpfull.

The site has other good resources too.

That and empty chord boxes in which i draw my own “translations” of right handed chords and scales.

Hope it helps!

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Thank you! I am aware of that site. :smile:
I found this one too. All Guitar Chords

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Didn’t know about that one, thank you.

Too bad they don’t have a lefty option. :smile:

Oh well, the search continues…

They do have a lefty option on all guitar chords if you go to settings under handedness you can change it to left handed!

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Thank you! I clearly missed that.

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Thanks for the feedback and request, Suzanne. Progress has been made to provide chord diagrams for left-handed players. We have added scale diagrams to the backlog. That said, the backlog is large and the team that works on this small, so no commitment possible as to when this feature may get to the top of the list.

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Sure! I enjoy Sharing references! There is a Lefty Popular Guitar Chords Poster on Amazon for $20.00. I have found it to be more useful than trying to look at chords on my computer. It’s also a 24 by 36 poster size which makes it easy to frame. They also have a scales poster but it’s not left handed. The site All-Guitar-Chords.com has chords and scales that are able to be changed to left handed in the setting gears button. They also have a feature which allows you to play how a chord or note sounds. I don’t know if Justin guitar wants to do that on this site but I find this really helpful to me as a lefty. I’m not trying to not use Justin guitar (I do for lessons and practicing technique!!) I just find that these tools are helpful while playing and trying to understand how a song sounds.

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@suzieq Have you looked on etsy? Something like this be suitable.

Thanks @socio. That might work!! :smiley:

Looks like it’s a digital file. I would have to see where I can get it printed out in large format.

Have you seen Justin’s Chord library? It has a left hand feature as well and a lesson on each chord.
It’s still a work in progress but is updated regularly with more chords with lessons

@stitch the chord library is good too! :smiley: