Legato Experiments

Legato helps you play faster and express your musicality. Here's how you get it right!

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Much harder on acoustic guitar Justin. However I’ve seen good players with so loud pickups pull offs with perhaps metal fingers!

Where is the free download for this video? I didn’t find it anywhere?

Hello @jkta97 welcome to the Community.

The downloads for lessons can be found under lesson video panes where you see a clickable tab that has Resources written on it.
For the Legato lesson, you need to back up one lesson within the same module and visit the Major Scale Pattern 4 lesson where you will see this under the video:

If in doubt for future reference, check other videos / lessons within the same module.

Hope that helps.
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I have a question about fretting hand position (left hand for me). I normally play with my fingers at a 50-70 degree angle to the neck with my thumb over the top, but I find pull-offs very hard in this position (classic blues lead guitar position I guess). They are easier if I move my hand to a 90 degree angle to the neck with my thumb round the back, but that feels uncomfortable for me, not painful or anything, just very unfamiliar. Any advice?

Watch Justin or anyone else playing legato, I think that you will find that they play with their thumb behind the neck while they’re doing it; your thumb has to move to different positions especially when you play a 4 fret (or more) stretch, it’s all part of learning.

Howdy! I’ve been somewhat bottle-necked on my technique journey here, but I think I found out my primary issue playing legatos ‘loosey-goosey’ and relaxed. I noticed that on my way back up from the 1st string, I’d leave my pointer/index finger pressed down on the last fret I played on the previous string and ended up moving it whilst flicking off the first note, and this would kind of follow through all the way up.

For me, deliberately focusing on being relaxed and moving that first finger up as I played back up the scale, I felt the notes were more clear and less sharp when flicking off, and more fluid. Just my observations, I hope this ends up helping someone who may be doing the same thing I was.