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Greetings fellow guitar enthusiasts!
My story sounds familiar to many on the board. Tried to play at various times of my life journey and at the tender age of 65 decided to give it another shot via Justin’s Guitar. Have some classical guitar under my fingers so I am not a stone cold beginner but not that far down the track on the guitar journey.
This time my plan is classical rock playing rhythm guitar. Strumming will be a new skill but I have a bit of a feel for the open chords.

To date:
Almost through Beginner Grade 2 Mod 8
Enjoyed Wish You Were Here Intro and I will keep that going forward in my practice routine.
I selected County Road as my ongoing song project. Chords are pretty basic (except F barre) but the strum looks to be a real challenge - it goes so fast!
After a week or so, Country Road (CR) chords are satisfactory, if slow. Completing two strums per bar on the song app is a challenge! But obviously good practice and a necessary stepping stone.
I find practicing chord changes with the fingerboard vertical (so you cannot see it) a helpful exercise. Start slowly/deliberately and the fingers eventually find their way.

Hopefully short term goals:
CR - Nail down CR at two strum per bar, come to grips with speed.
CR - Base note and up/dn strum at one set per bar.
Start Level 2 - mod 9

See how I go with this LL idea, I’ll post as I make progress or hit roadblocks!
thx, L


Hi Leigh,
Welcome here ans I wish you a lot of fun and perseverance this time :sunglasses:

Welcome to the Community Leigh. Loads of other ‘oldies’ here too.
Older guitar students - can ‘old dogs’ learn new tricks?

Welcome Leigh.

Yep a familiar story, another start stopper here but not stopped since finding Justin.
So you are in a good place, best of luck with your journey. Just shout out for help if you need it.


Welcome to the forum Leigh

Thanks chaps for the welcome and a big shoutout to the perma-beginners out there having another bash at it!
Compared to the “bad old days”, there has never been a better time to take on guitar. The amount of free material available on the internet is a treasure trove for the (perma) beginner. Plus resources such as Justin’s to provide some structure and beginner focused material.

@TheMadman_tobyjenner - Easy Rider (the movie) turns 55 this year!

For the record, I have a Fender Strat (USA) and a Crafter D6/R acoustic (Korean).

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Greeting Guitar Perma-Beginners,

It is now a month since I started my latest guitar campaign with Justin Guitar being the guiding light! As mentioned previously, I am not starting cold turkey and have many hours of fingerstyle playing spread over too many years. So, this commentary maybe more interesting for those who have some time in their fingers.
The initial burst of enthusiasm has seen me put in some good time over the last month. I have been tracking through the Beginner’s series and have landed at Module 2.12 Power Chords. The open chords came reasonably easily and the F Chord is part of the daily routine. I have been using Don’t Look Back in Anger as my F Chord vehicle of choice. I think the D Chord in Hey Joe sent my fingertips to purgatory but they are now well on track.
Slow to very slow practice is the key, followed by focussed repetition of the correct technique, rather than achieving the goal of the practice in varying fashions. Short concentrated periods.
In my ear I can hear Hey Joe, Don’t Look Back in Anger, A Horse with no Name, even if an audience may find it a challenge! I’m sure I will keep coming back to these in the future as I get more skill in my fingers.
Had some fun with the Power Chord Lesson and Cocaine – the song! Love Justin highlighting that all the strings were strummed in power chords. At first, I was all at sea but by the end of the session I was slowly chunking through the intro and achieving the required muting of strings.
So, in summary, I’m getting close to reaching my previous guitar high water level in the Beginner series, although saying this I have learned new things along the way. Power Chords are going to be a lot of fun and great strumming practice.
I guess I am a typical perma-beginner in that the metronome has not featured in my practice to a great degree. So, after the first month of fun it is time to get a little more serious and incorporate this.
Having the videos on tap is such a bonus compared to the bad old days when all you had was a book. Plus having the songs presented in a graded sequence. Never been a better time to learn guitar!

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