Lesson designation confusion

So I bought the beginner song book and I enjoy it a lot. The one thing I have trouble with is the ambiguous designation of lessons. For example on page 183 (stage 9 chords) we have reference to BC-191. Ive spent too much time trying to figure out how to fine BC-191. Am I missing something obvious? I’m not the most savvy with computers but I am completely lost on this. Any help is appreciated.
Thank you

Hi John,

The references tie in with the old Beginners Course which has been since been updated and improved. The old course now known as the classic course can be found here

thanks for the response. I clicked the link you provided and still could not find BC-191. So what does BC refer to and what is 191 signifying? are those references no longer used? Oh wait, I finally found it. It appears to be a lesson called (Easy slash chords). I spent a lot of time on this before I asked. I wonder if anyone else had trouble with it. Thanks for your help

Hi John, the numbers correlate with the numbering of the old Beginners Course Books. I presume BC-191 refers to Beginners Grade 1, Stage 9, Lesson 1 or something like that. No they are no longer used as the new course format is slightly different and has been improved. Check out the song lessons on the website in conjunction with the song book as there are videos for most of the songs.

Go to YouTube. Search for “Justin guitar bc-191”.

Now that makes sense except instead of (grade) use the word course and it all falls into place. Thanks for clarifying, I hate being confused. I think Ill finish the old course too because it works well with the bokk now that I understand it. The one song I wish was covered on the website that is in the book was St. James Infirmary. Oh well, but thanks again

JJW Thanks for the input. That also worked well!