Lessons and Songs - written text for videos?

On the main website, each video has corresponding text-base discussion under Learn More.

We had a power outage today while I was studying, so I flipped over to my mobile and Lessons and Song app to continue the module. Same modules (Grade 7), however when Justin refers to the links under the video??? In the Lessons and Song app I can’t find any Learn More discussion or links.

Am I just missing how to access it, or is that a limitation with the Lessons and Song app?

Thanks! :tophat:

Main site:

Lesson and Song App


Unfortunately, the app does not include these text-based discussions, however, we will add this to our feature request list so hopefully we can introduce this in the future! :slight_smile:


Daniel - it may help to know a little of the history of the App.

Its inception was Justin wanting to provide a supplement to the lessons and courses on the website, especially the song lessons, by providing a karaoke style app that had backing tracks which students could use to play over. That was it. Just a play along tool.

App development advanced so much that, along with the developers (Musopia), the potential and scope for the app to have much more than only backing tracks was seen and explored, bringing it to its current version with thousands of song tracks, Grade 1 and Grade 2 beginner course lessons (Grade 3 pending), Strumming SOS grade 1 now also added.

The website was / is / will be the core learning centre of all JustinGuitar lessons and content. It is just that technology is allowing the app to become bigger and better at an rate not anticipated when it was first released.


Not a problem. I’m not much in the way of a ‘smartphone’/Android type of guy and I thought maybe I was just missing the obvious link or method to get the the texts. It makes perfect sense that it’s a work-in-progress. Thanks for the background info! :+1: