Lessons/Modules; Guitar String numbers

I have two questions:

1: I just started module two and I just realized that I think when Justin says lessons, he means modules. Did modules used to be called lessons? I was confused because, at least now, lessons are different videos within one module.

2: What is the first string, second string, third string, etc.? I originally thought the first string was the thickest and the second string was second from the thickest and the third string third from the thickest, etc. But sometimes Justin reffers to the first string as the thinnest and the second string the secind from the thinnest, etc. And sometimes Justin also reffers to it the other way. Can it mean both, or is there one specific string that can be called the first, one that can be called the second, etc.

I’m sorry about how many times I used the word, “etc”. But I just thought I’d ask these two questions here and see if I can get it straight.

  1. He mentions it at some point but yea, I think he sometimes slips up the 2 words. But yeah each module contains lessons.
  2. The strings are numbered bottom to top, the “highest” string is the first string and the lower you go (pitch) the closer you get to the low E string (6th string).

What helped me remember at first was laying the guitar flat on my lap and the high E is right there on the top. Tablature is written like this.

There was an ‘old’ website that was the original JustinGuitar and it was structured differently.
Times change and Justin invested a massive amount of time and money creating the ‘new’ JustinGuitar website which went live a couple of years ago, or thereabouts.
The structure and naming of the structure did change so older lessons, filmed before this new website, will have reference to lessons or stages etc.
The new system is:

Grades contain modules and modules contain lessons.

The older content contains such good stuff (and would take years to re-film and edit) that Justin is keeping a lot of it - though he is is re-filming some of it as and when he can.

String names -
First string is thinnest string is also high E.
Sixth is thickest is low E.


Thank you. It seems that Justin reffers to the thickest string as the first. But maybe i was just confused. This is very helpful.