Lessons on left side of video courses/


See the lessons on left side.
I asked anput this before. But couldnt explain properly/

the lesson titles on left side of video have disappeared for me.
How do i get back?

Hi there,

The module itself seems to have been updated since you took your screenshot. For me it lloks like this in Google Chrome:

Below the video, I can see these tabs:


Since you are seeing the older videos, you could try to press Ctrl and F5 at the same time to do a hard refresh of the page.

That is a pic i cut out of from the new theory course pdf book.

the pic i just showed is what mine looks like

sorry did a bad job of explaining. and they use to be on right side , like the first pic

Hi Jesse @jesseholiday7,
I don’t know if this will help the community respond, but could you tell us how you are accessing Justinguitar.com? Are you on a computer, tablet, phone? And what browser are you using? PC, Apple, Android, IOS?

The only web page that has a list of lessons below the main panel / video pane is the module header page.

If I click on this …

I see this …

Alternatively, and this might be what you are referring to, if I click on this (bottom right of the first screenshot I pasted here) …


I see this …

nope, thats not it; Ive tried asking this before, never figured it out.

Are you asking how to go back to the main module overview page?

was trying to get back to layout where lessons are on right side of video

Is it possible you have your browser zoomed in? If you indicate what browser you are using, we might be able to describe how to check on this.

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ding ding ding, winner winner chicken dinner. Problem solved, thx judi

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