Lessons Organised by Genre

Hi Folks, hope all’s well. Does anyone know where on the website I can find the lessons organised by genre, or has this element been removed? When you click on ‘All Courses’ and scroll to the bottom of the page, there used to be buttons you could click to access the lessons grouped according to ‘Blues’, ‘Folk’, ‘Rock’, etc, but these buttons don’t seem to be there any more. I found it a really useful way of having the lessons grouped without having to save all of them to Favourites (otherwise it can get a bit cluttered in the Favourites. Any help much appreciated as always.

Cheers, Rich.

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I usually just use the search feature.

Good idea, thank you Dave :+1:

I think you press the 3 bars too left, in the drop down menu, hit songs then you can filter by grade, genre etc

Thank you Sandylaner, much obliged, I’ll have a look.

Cheers, Rich.