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Love this song and big fan of Justin’s teaching in general but - as a returning guitarist who just completed Grades 1/2 as a refresher without too much difficulty - there is stuff here that I have to say doesn’t feel like Grade 2 for me, even with the ‘simple’ strumming version. Not a lot of room for manoeuvre on the fretboard for some of those chord grips, the suggested strum pattern is also pretty full-on, and I feel like your mention of the little intro riff/trill (3m30s) is rather glossed over without enough explanation. Shame as I would love to learn this one properly but I didn’t find this lesson up to Justin’s usual high standards of clarity. Maybe I’m just having a bad day at the office?

I learnt this song when I done the original Beginners course, and it was definitely one of the harder songs listed for the level it was at, as there was quite a bit going on.

You’re well up the fretboard, which makes all the chord grips that bit harder.
The tempo is reasonably high, but you can stick to a pretty basic strumming pattern to begin with.
The picked sections are most definitely not beginner material.

I did learn the intro (the tab is in one of the song books, but you can get it online now), but it’s been that long since I’ve played it, I’m not sure I could anymore :confused: