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Hi, what chords are played between 5:05 and 5:07 for that characteristic sound that goes down the scale (I think!). The three chord sound at that point. Justin usually mentions these things towards the end of the videos but unfortunately, he didn’t this time.


Welcome to the forum @jammybilly.
The chords are F, FM7, FM7add6, C. It sound harder than it is.
Start with the mini barre F chord, lift index finger off e string to play a FM7 then add pinky to the B string 3rd fret FM7add6 then the play C chord.
Practice just the e and B strings first. Mini barre first fret, open e first fret B, 3rd fret B (D), first fret B (C) once you have that down try with the full chords.

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Wow! Such a quick reply. Thanks so much @stitch. I will be having a go at this, this weekend.

Thank you! I’m also working on this song, and just wished I could reproduce some dynamics :heart_eyes::blush::heart_eyes: