Let it be solo attempt

Let it be solo attempt. Bit out of tune


Welcome to the community!

This needs a better label than "attempt’, doing great! :wink:
Soon enough you will be adding you own decorations to that solo and you will learn it will be easier to match the feel and pace. Though, this solo may sound very easy when you hear it but getting the itming of the rests between the little phrases right isn’t easy. good thing you pratice with a backing to, so you don’t lose track of the vibe. Slight hesitation in that vibe but you obviously know and hear for yourself already what to improve there :smiley:

Keep on jamming and see you around!
Thought for a minute Dutch star Danny Vera was on the forum ^^

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Loved it! I hope to be able to do something like that one day :heart::metal:

One of my favorite songs, and I love the solo (one of the very few I’ve learned!). You’ve got a great start here, and you seem to have a nice feel for it. Keep at it, you’ll have it down pat in no time.

And welcome to the Community!

Nice job and welcome!

Welcome Alex. Very nice playing, much more than an attempt!

Welcome to the Community, Alex. That’s the way to announce yourself.

Sounded really good to my ears…an attempt at a level to be well pleased about.

Welcome to the the Community Alex. Great solo from one of my favourite Beatles songs. Well done. I look forward to more from you.

It was short but nevertheless entertaining :slightly_smiling_face:. Great job!

Well done, Alex. Sounds like you’re doing exactly what you should be. I bet it won’t be long before you’ll be able to rip that one out with what would appear to be effortless ease (but we all know how much practice goes into “effortless”). :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome Alex. :slight_smile:

That was a tasty piece of playing, so very well done.

The guitar solo is possibly the only redeeming part. of the song and your developing it nicely. Well done.
Owning up here that Let It Be is a Macca tune that I can easily ignore, brilliant though he is. I know…it’s subjective!

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Thanks for all the encouraging comments!

Will keep up the practice and upload more.

This year my goal is to learn at least 5 " performance standard" songs and try to learn to play and sing!

So watch this space and sorry in advance for the bad singing and playing!

Well ? That was a bit of right wasn’t it !

Well done Alex and welcome. :sunglasses:

Well that was too short for me… I wanted more. Please post a full version.

Nice job, sounded good.

That was great and made me want to grab a guitar. :smiley: It also looks like you really enjoy it. :guitar:

One thing to consider if you’re not already aware, is being conscious about some strings making noise when they shouldn’t. For example, when you exit a bend. I only mention this because for some reason I didn’t pay attention to this until I saw a lesson on JustinGuitar on string muting techniques. Being conscious about this and knowing the techniques is continuously helping me improve this area bit by bit. :slight_smile: