Let There Be Peace On Earth

So I was taking a hike over the weekend on a beautiful, almost spring time day. While enjoying the woods and trying to escape all the stuff going on in the world, this song popped into my head and I decided I had to learn how to play it. It’s still a work in progress and my singing is still not quite on key, but it’s good enough for now.


Well done, Joe. The new guitar is sounding great.

I assume that you made the video with your phone? The volume and projection of the guitar such that it was tough to hear and appreciate your vocal. Not much you can do about that vocal-guitar balance with a phone mic recording the audio. Any thoughts about taking further steps in recording, using a mic for the vocal and plugging in the guitar?

I noticed that the top of the guitar seemed to be angled quite sharply in to your body. Didn’t seem to have any ill effect on your playing of this song. Something to be aware of for the future, maybe work on the guitar being more vertical, perpendicular to the floor.

Thanks for sharing. Really commend you on the ‘good enough’ approach to deciding if you should share or not.

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For a work in progress thats pretty good Joe. Thanks for sharing it :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is guitar playing at its best-
an instrument being used to express what we are thinking and how we feel.
Beautiful sentiments
Beautiful guitar
nice performance
Have some good ol’ school vibes from me, Sir :sunglasses:

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Hello Joe,
That’s true and for sure…
Thanks for sharing,…a wonderful start to a work in progress :sunglasses:
Greetings :dove:

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Thanks @Tim_Wilson & @roger_holland

Thanks - for sure, it’s a nice feeling to bring thoughts and feelings out through the guitar. Most of the songs I’ve learned thus far are simply songs I like. This is the first time my feelings took over and chose the song for me. Thanks for the vibes. :+1:

Thanks David. Glad you like the new guitar. I tried it out on both the new Taylor and the 'ole 12 string. I went with the Taylor since I have yet to post up a full song with it.

Yes, I recorded it through my phone. Trust me, you didn’t miss a whole lot with the vocals. :wink: I played it with and without a capo and still couldn’t find the key that best suits my voice. Maybe the voice was ragged because of allergies or because it was getting late in the evening, but it wasn’t up to where the playing is.

I’m not quite ready to invest i a mic and full setup. My personal computer is so old, it would require getting a new computer in addition to a mic. And while I can plug in my new guitar and my hollow body, my 12 string has no pickups so it can’t be plugged in. At this point in my journey, if I’m going to spend money on additional gear, it would be on a resonator vs. recording gear.

Oh, and for the posture, I was sitting on my kneeling chair - just kind of chilling. I did move to my drum stool for a take. While I had proper posture in that take, it just didn’t come out as good. I was even more off key on that take. :upside_down_face:

Well done Joe.
Sentiments that all of us apart from that lunatic in the Kremlin are feeling at the moment.
You sang and played with feeling and conviction.

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Thanks Gordon. I appreciate it. :heartpulse:

Love the sentiment, let’s steer clear of current affairs, don’t want to go down that rabbit hole.

That was really good Joe and I love the sound on your guitar.

I’m looking forward to the final cut.

Thanks. My biggest challenge on this one is to get my voice and guitar to the same key. I’ll put up another video if I can improve the singing.

Hi Joe,
Nice job, in play, singing and attitude! You looked the part of enjoying this and that to me is what it is all about. i.e. - Having fun!

Keep up the fun and rock’n ways!

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Thanks. Yeah, I have been finding myself having more fun with it lately, especially since I am finally nailing some for the chords that I have been struggling with for a long time. That alone opens so many more doors. Now if I can just sing in key. :wink:

I am very impressed. Love the song, and the sentiments, and the walk in the woods. Love that you are willing to record knowing your new to the song and progressing. Great attitude. I totally hear you on the trying to reach the right place to sing at. I’m just starting and finding it very hard with some songs to be able to do the range.
However, I find, that putting more into it even makes it more fun!
Keep it up, can’t wait to hear more.

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This is a singer’s song, and I give you high marks for stretching and performing from the heart. When we put a guitar on our lap and sing some words, they dang sure better make ourselves or somebody listening feel something. I feel you man! Good job. Keep playing from the heart – it’s what the world needs more of.

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@maidie @CT Thanks so much Madie & Clint. Yeah, this one was definitely from the heart. I didn’t realize how much of a singer’s song it is until I tried to sing it while playing it on guitar.