Let's Go Out - Original Song performed in the Community OM 7

Hey everyone,

I took the liberty of cutting the first song I played yesterday (thanks again @adi_mrok for taking up the entire event).

The only purpose of me posting this is that it can serve as encouragement for other users that have performing in an OM as a goal and are doubting themselves, or haven’t posted their first video for the same reason.

Just do it, I believe every first time performers like myself can agree there’s nothing but good vibes and amazing people here.

You won’t play it perfectly, no matter how many times you practice it. But it’s alright, it’s one of those things that you can improve only by experiencing them, in my opinion.

Cheers everyone.


Excellent effort to produce your own material, on another level Kevin :slightly_smiling_face:

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Glad to be of service Kev and you did awesome yesterday fantastic debut especially your original piece was great!

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Superstar material Kevin! :raised_hands:t2:

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@liaty Thanks Dave, I loved your stuff also, especially the fingerpicked Mad World (and that comes from a crazy Oasis fan :sweat_smile: )

@adi_mrok thanks Adrian, cheers to you and your tiny instrument :rofl:

@tRONd Thanks Trond, I will not forget any of you when I start playing stadiums :rofl:

I will settle for discounted tickets Kevin :rofl:

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