Lick-in`riff Part II Blues

Most are probably youtube bots looking for copyright infringements

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Hi, Roger. Well, I thought that sounded great. I’m a fan of “clean” guitar and like what you did here. I was wanting more when it ended. Good one.

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I thought that sounded really good, Rogier. I also like a lot of different tones, from clean to extra dirty, so tone sounded good to me. Nice to hear several versions of the same(ish) piece, all a little bit alike, and also a little bit different.

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Very nice playing there Roger. I liked the tone. For a clean blues, I thought it was spot on.

Cheers, Shane

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Rogier that was great, you definitely got sucked in with others to Justin’s blues study and you did it justice! Shame we haven’t seen your play but there will be definitely a next time I hope! :grinning: all the best

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Hi @jkahn ,
Thanks ,and actually I tried to keep it as close as possible to Justin’s original,as advised :blush: (but with electric)…and with added intro,…and I was already working on the first one in this lesson long long ago…and this one i really didn’t start right after your version though :upside_down_face:…I can’t get this into my head and fingers as fast as you do :sweat_smile:…and yes, there will be more :sunglasses:

Hi Rick @stitch ,that doesn’t sound logical, but I’m afraid that says more about me :woozy_face:than about you (I’m sure).
Incidentally, the count continues faster than usual and more than viewers of justinguitar … but luckily the speed has stayed out, …

Hi Dave, @oldhead49
It’s nice that there are many pro this sound and I also read Mari below, and will not ask about it anymore playing with clean sound, …Searching for the right dirt recorded by my phone playing especially with blues ,…well???.. Nice to read that it was too short :smile: :sunglasses:

Hi Mari, @Mari63 ,
Thank you,very nice to read,…sound I already mentioned above a lot :smile:…yes indeed nice to hear all the same but also completely different versions,…in that respect something different from the most challenges because of the choice in tones (I still have to listen to some), but more the same because of the length and music…

Hi Shane, @sclay ,
Many thanks, short and clear … I appreciate it :grin: :sunglasses:

Hi Adrian, @adi_mrok ,
Thank you for listening and commenting,…that this comes right after the other is really a coincidence,…and the first one I posted 7 months ago…but kinda tucked it away in my mind LL (I have no idea where that 6th trick is actually), it is mainly thanks to Davidp that I started posting so quickly, he took something out of my LL with some comments (he had asked of course), I find this sort of thing/attention complicated,…and I sincerely like to hear the bad stuff so that i get better…and some good things are nice too :blush:
The way of recording really has to do with how the stuff, table, amplifier and driving back and forth (play / delete / delete play etc :joy:) from the phone in the wheelchair,

Thank you all for your comments, it’s much appreciated… :bouquet: :sunflower: :teapot::coffee:


I’m trying this myself at the moment. You nailed it Roger, well done!

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Hi Leon,
Thank you :smiley:…and i wish you a lot of fun trying this :sunglasses:

Well done Rogier that was really great, really bloozy. I’ve enjoyed listening to yours and others recent versions of this piece.

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Thanks Gordon,
Twice the word really, then I’ll believe you :smile:…yes it’s the blues that attracts a lot of players lately ,seems some more than “normal”,…hopefully it has nothing to do with the coming fall in the western hemisphere… :sunglasses:

I really enjoyed the clean sound of the guitar Rogier. It was a tasty bit of blues. It would be good to hear it with the gain though, just to be able to compare.

Sorry but I can’t help you with your video problem.

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Hi Stefan,
Thanks for the comment :sunglasses:
I’m going to work on the blues E open rhythm lick (again) this afternoon, and if you imitate Justin ,…well there is some gain in that :sunglasses: