Lick-in`riff Part II Blues

Hi dear people…
Sorry there’s no real video,… :blush:
I’m curious if there are people who find this sound too Clean,…I’m not sure yet what I think sounds better,…I think it depends on the moment,… …but I will definitely also record something with more Gain soon, if only because then I will be less bothered by unwanted directly recorded bare sound from the guitar into my phone…

Because of the position of my stuff I had to record it with my phone in front of the amplifier because otherwise you could hear the unamplified guitar much too well between the amplified sound, and that really didn’t sound good with this clean sound…

Blues lick in riff part II Justinguitar - YouTubeLick-in`riff Blues


Is it because it’s a “short” video that I can’t manage to post a shareable image here?.. the chance is greater that I don’t understand it and what am I doing wrong :grimacing:


Hi! Its all good in the hood lol! I thought this was great I LOVE blues and you did well on it!! Keep at it!! :slight_smile:

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Hi Rogier, I’m still far away from being able to play Blues - so I’m no expert at all - but to me, it sounds really very bluesy. Nice stuff :clap::smiley::+1:. Would appreciate to hear more :blush:.

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Hi Byron,
Ha ha ,yeah it seems good now…I’m not sure what I did wrong (again) and there are now 2 other links to the same video…I’ll try to delete one,…but no get angry if Justin’s site will be offline for hours huh :laughing:
Edit: For now I’ll give up and just leave it like that…

Hi Nicole,
Nice to hear, but be careful what you ask… :blush: :grin:
Greetings… :bouquet:

Sounding good Roger and yes it does sound bright and clean but still think it works with this piece. Now all you folks messing around with this lesson, is pulling me back from the Solo Blues Course to give this one a try. So the kettles is going on and I’ll sit down with a mug of java and see what is going on Module 18 !!. Oh no :scream: not another :rabbit2: :hole:



Loving this emerging trend and enjoyed your rendition, Rogier, all sounds clean, solid rhythm, and bluesy feel.

@Richard_close2u Richard, how many renditions to be posted in AVOYP before we declare this to be a Guitar Challenge?

On the posting, I think it is due to the video being a YT short. But I may also be wrong in which case you have to look down at the upload settings, and ensure you’ve enabled embedding. Can’t help too much on exactly where that setting would be on a YT short, assuming there is such an option. But a minor since the link works fine.

You asked specifically about the tone. I think the rhythm sounded good. I felt the some of the single note licks sounded a little ‘thin’ and ‘bright’, almost like an electric being played acoustically. Were you on the bridge pickup? If so maybe the neck pickup would deliver a better result with the same amp settings or perhaps rolling off a little tone on the guitar or adjusting EQ on the amp. Perhaps also a little reverb and delay would also help fatten things up without adding gain.

That said, next time perhaps try adding enough gain on the amp to begin to get some break-up and then roll off guitar volume to clean it up while (maybe) retaining the extra fullness?

I should add firstly that I am in the dark corner and a lover of the fuller, darker tones of the humbucker than a single coil strat, happy to pay the price of a lack of clarity at times and secondly, not all qualified to be offering advice on how to shape tone.

Now I am off to find the lesson and see how scary it appears to me.

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That was pretty good Rogier, some nice phrases and I liked the mix of chords and single note lines. Keep at it and practicing, explore different ideas and develop your own sound. Tones were good, maybe try to get on the edge of breakup a bit more but just listen to the difference it makes. Aim for the sound which is most pleasing to you.

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Thanks Toby,
Good to read that you fine with the sound :sweat_smile:

:rofl:…Same here, there is so much to learn in this area,

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Sounding great Rogier. I’m amazed how you managed to pull off that playing without taking the guitar out of the case. Rhythm sounded very solid and some real good note picking. Well played sir.

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Hi David,
Thanks for your detailed commentary :sunglasses:

I’d say 5…but I’m happy with 3 or 7…so Richard???

You’re right :sweat_smile:, but I sometimes hear complaints about it…

I do agree with the sound technically so at many times of the day…hence my question to you folks so…I play with the 2 front pick ups on the neck side… and had quite a bit of reverb from the amp on with a little bit of chorus from the pedal,…so putting more of that in I don’t like, then it becomes too much of a good thing for me,…but I get the rest of what you mean…thanks again and I’ll play with it and experience :smiley:

What Toby say`s :rabbit2: :hole:


Hi Darrell,
Thanks :smiley:,…I’m currently practicing with a lot of Justin’s blues stuff and often mix it up too, …sometimes consciously…The problem with the sound is that I actually like everything on varying moments, from super clean to heavy gain…but I think on and over the edge of the gain is my favorite too,…as said I’m going to play with it,…I have a bit of it Brian syndrome when it comes to chasing tone, … :grimacing:…but I want to do a little my best now that I’m planning to record more…whether it’s really going to happen???

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Hi James,
Thanks ,And then also consider that the guitar is only 25 cm tall :sweat_smile:

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That was nice to listen to and sounded pretty bluesy to me, rogier.

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Hi John ,
That`s realy nice to hear…thanks,

Now I have a question and I don’t really know where, to whom and how to ask it,…but how is it possible that this “video” has been viewed 165 times within 5 hours or so, I watched it because I was messing around in the beginning and happened to go within an hour and then the counter was already over 100? to be honest it made me a bit restless…now it’s normalized again…attention is nice, but i don’t think being watched a lot on you-tube at once :grimacing:…now some of you are chuckling because 165 in a few hours is of course not much for many people, but…
Sorry for bothering you for maybe a weird question but @DavidP or @TheMadman_tobyjenner
any idea?

Sounded good sir! Nice way to start my Sunday morning with some good blooze guitar. Well done!

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Thank you Clint,
I really appreciate that :sunglasses:

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Absolutely no idea Roger. I thought maybe it was because you had included your social security number, then realised it was a date and time stamp. Can’t say I have seen a video in this format but I only use the PC for Youtube. Was it published a Public ? :confounded:

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When I wanted to remove that first then everything disappeared,…and yes I just publish it for everyone,but I expect only you people and a sister-in-law of mine and a few who make a typo and trip over me…so this is a bit strange, if I’m naked on it ,yes I understand that it is crowded quick:roll_eyes: … but now???
Well thanks, I’ll hear it from someone… or not :exploding_head:

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Nicely played Roger, sweet variation on the Lick n Riff!

Has something started now, will there be more?

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