Lifetime Access vs 6 month access - what do I get?

Hi Justin and hello to the community and the Justinguitardotcom-Team.

I’m a guitar student from from Germany, so please be patient with my expressions.

I just wanted to learn minor pentatonic scales and now I wonder what I get for if I buy the lifetime access. Can I access all the hidden stuff on the website or “only” the music theory course?

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate a lot what is offered from Justin here for completely free. I also own some of the song books, but I just would like to know what the offer contains.

I also don’t manage to upload a profile photo. Which kind of file can be used?

Thanks for your answers


Welcome to the Community, Steffen.

The lifetime access vs 6 months is specific to the Music Theory course. There are a few other Courses that one needs to purchase. And one can also subscribe to the Tabs content.

The rest is all freely available, with the option to donate on a voluntary basis.

You mention learning minor pentatonic scales without mentioning what level of guitar player you are. Depending on your level, as a beginner I’d suggest start from the first module of Grade 1 and you will get to learning the minor pentatonic and making music with it. If you are a more advanced player then I suggest you review the Blues Lead course, which will introduce you to lead techniques and all 5 positions of the minor pentatonic.

I think you can upload the profile picture as either a JPEG or PNG file. As I recall mine is a JPEG. What format did you use. I also assume you are uploading on the main website in your account?

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Thank you. I’ve been here quite for a while but there was never so much to talk about.

About my grade: difficult to say. Beginner, almost, but working hard. I finished the major scale course last September and had an enormous effect on that. I also play an acceptable cover of “Samba Pa Ti” or “Layla”, but thats more for fun and my own pleasure than for anybody else.

Okay, I got that. I will proceed as you said: start with the free lessons and the Blues Lead course and then get back to the when I’m ready

Is the old EBook about music theory somewhere available or is it part of the music theory course?

I tried all file formats, JPEG and BMP included. The file is also small enough, but it even doesnt appear in the selection screen of the explorer when I 'm told to choose which picture file I want to upload.

Best regards



As I recall it is provided when you subscribe, but it has been a while since I purchased my life time access.

Can you confirm what platform and browser you are using to access the website. Perhaps also a screenshot (images can be copy & pasted into a reply here). Then I can report the issue and get you tech support.

Hi DavidP

I’m using Mozilla Firefox 97.0.1 in 32-Bit version on a 64bit Win7 installation.

I managed to upload a profile picture - it shows my temporary forearm tattoo. I had to use PNG- file format, that worked. It’s very unusual that JPG woun’t work, I think.

Thanks for the info on the EBook. I think it is worth it and that I will subscribe the next few days when I find time to play more than the usual 45 minutes a day.

Have a good time


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Hello @Stereo and welcome to the Community.
As David has said, the lessons you ask after are within the free content.
The Theory ebook is made available upon subscription to the all new and expanded theory course. It is one of four premium access courses that are Theory, Solo Blues, Transcribing Blues, Strumming. There are also ‘products’ and ‘merchandise’ and the option to donate. It is these aspects that support the entire site. All else is free.

Hi Richard.

Thanks for the explanation. It’s good to know aboot the range of the course.

greetings from Germany


Thanks, Steffen. I’ll raise with the tech team.