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Hi, I have the paid for guitar and songs app, thinking of paying ‘lifetime’ option for theory. My question is does that give you lifetime access to everything, the guitar lessons and songs and theory et al? Or will I still have to renew the app?
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Hi Toni - The lifetime option for the Theory Course gives you lifetime access to the Theory Course which Justin is continuously adding new material to it. The guitar lessons and song lessons on the website are free. There are a couple of premium courses on the website which you have to pay for to gain lifetime access but the cost is really low for what you get from the premium courses. The Guitar Lesson and Song App is on a subscription basis, so you would need to renew the app.

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Hi Toni, firstly, thanks for subscribing to the app, and considering a subscription to the theory course. Of course you gain so much and it supports Justin in continuing to provide this amazing guitar site.
It is as @Socio says.
These are the only four premium courses - the only lessons across the entire website that Justin does not offer for free. Official JustinGuitar Products |

The apps are slightly separate and standalone. They are certainly JustinGuitar ‘products’ but not linked to the website. They are developed by 3rd party developers. The main app, the biggest and biggest selling is the Lessons and Songs App. He also provides a few other, smaller, more specific (and very inexpensive) apps. Official JustinGuitar Products |

Subscribing to a premium course does not give access to an app subscription and vice versa. Nor does it open up any ‘hidden’ lessons. Nothing is hidden - everything is transparent. The free content is free for all no matter whether they take any sort of subscription or not.

I hope that helps.
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