Lifetime subscription - is it for me?

Hello, my name is Mike and I am learning guitar about 6 months. I had some ups and downs in life, so I had long pauses and I am hardstucked between end of grade one with tryharding some fingerstyle and songs with Fmaj7 that I should not be able to know yet…
I would like to ask you if you think its good idea for me to buy lifetime subs to Justins app so I can move forward or my curent style of learning is okay? I fixed my life and I am really into doing some nice practice sessions, but sometimes I really dont know what to do and I am just changing 4 chords 50 minutes while Old Faithful strumming pattern (Amin, Fmaj7, C and folky G).
I got my own system where I watch Justins video few times and then make my own study materials, because I like having it physical big in front of me in holder that I 3D printed.
I guess you should go for recommending me using app and buying your product, but deep inside I believe you will recommend me the best option and not only “give me money” idea.
Maybe… wont be better to pay for modules in later stages than this early, when I can now learn basics, that can be taken free from anywhere?

How do Mike, looks like you have a great system going already.

Personally, I would suggest sticking with how you are going for now. There is more than enough material to get through without paying. It I s nice to support Justin when you can, maybe wait until the moment arrives, once your on your way through the theory course for example, have a look then when the paid modules pop up.

I have only used the play along app for a little while so others may know better but from what I gather it’s most useful during the early stages of your learning - so wouldn’t envisage you using it forever.

Again, it’s nice to support Justin but going all in so early may not be the holy grail you imagine…

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Hi Mike,

Those look like amazing study sheets you have produced.
I worry when I get a lifetime sub that it will signal the start of an interest beginning to wane. There is plenty of great free material to get through before I would even consider. Maybe the song app might add interest/motivation to your practice routine.
You say your practice routine is 50mins of running through same chord progression. Justin gives suggested practice routines at the end of the modules. I would look at these and get yourself a much more structured, interesting and worthwhile practice routine. I’m certain it will help your progress and enjoyment immeasurably.
Best wishes,


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I really like the app but given the fact that it only has grades 1, 2 and 3, I seriously doubt you will be using it that long.

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It depends on how much you like the play-along karaoke feature of the app.

In my personal experience, I enjoyed the play-along for 2 years and then got bored and bought the songbooks. But, sometimes I do miss the play-along which is “instant fun”, so I’d still be fun to have it with me to play occasionnally.

So when you are starting out, the lifetime subscription is about the same price as 2 years of app which is not that long if you like the play-along feature. So, I wish it was available when I started out.

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Thank you all for your time and replying to me. You made me decide to learn free parts now and I will see in the future how it goes. Lets be honest… I dont use Justins app for playing along and one of the reason is I cant play good and how its simplyfied it just does not feel good to me like I am doing music. :smiley: Gonna focus on future courses that can help me grow up on my journey. I also like Justins actions about giving guitars to one, that cant afford it so I would like to think in this way better to help Justins community. :slight_smile: Thanks one more time. :slight_smile:

Michal, plenty of good food for thought already given.

What I would add is not to underestimate the simplified playing along as you work through grade 1 and 2. I think this is invaluable in developing the ability to maintain good time, staying with the beat as you develop your ability to strum.

You can do this with a metronome, developing your strumming patterns (from 4 down strums to patterns like Old Faithful, which you may or may not yet have encountered), and chord progressions. But most find it more fun, more musical to achieve this learning songs. And for this purpose I think the app can be helpful.

As others said, it is an aid to learning and eventually you want to be able to play with good timing and feel without the app.

Everybody learns at a different pace, and long pauses are likely to lengthen the time to reach the desired levels of proficiency to be achieved in grade 1. I ecnourage you to be patient and persistent with your practice and consolidation of grade 1, to achieve the completion criteria and standards that Justin states. Time invested to achieve this will pay dividends as you progress. It may seem tedious and I think this is where learning songs may help to keep things interesting and fun.


Hey there, Mike is here…
I just wanted to tell you that I bought strumming SOS bundle and I am ready to jump in. I think this is base that I really struggle with and I am sure Justin will help me find what is “wrong with me” and together we will fix it.
Also this decision is part of thinking how to say thanks to Justin and wish him all luck, health and joy with his new born son. I hope he will buy him some nice “rattle toy” so he can became as great musician as his dad is.
Thank you Justin for all you taught me and thanks for all YOU WILL teach me. Have a nice day. :slight_smile:

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If you are looking for fresh insights.

Try giving the Live Clubs a go

and decide after each club if you want to do a little donation.
These clubs give some ideas for things to work on and use in songs.
(also part of my advice, always tro to practice stuff that you use in a song that you are practicing and vice versa; then it feels like you are practicing stuff that immediatly improves something real and practical)
Check the archive for a lot of notes etc.

Also, on the website, check under “explore”

what is in there; literally a lot of food for tought!