Lightning Crashes - Guitar Cover

All sounding good to me Mark, love the Flaser :rofl: This rings very distance bells but my kid would have been mid teens mid 90s so could be a factor. Good song and a great workout on those barres for sure. Thx for sharing.


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Thanks Toby @TheMadman_tobyjenner !
Flaser, I like it. Maybe an opportunity for a pedal manufacturer! :wink::joy:

Definitely a good barre workout, all of my current practice songs seem to be the same with plenty of barres, I’m cursing my selection choices from time to time, as well as the songwriters! Open chords FTW :wink:

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Hi Mark,

Sweet sounds; Nice to hear some flanger in use - adds great atmosphere.
Playing builds nicely throughout.

Good job.


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Some sweet playing there Mark and it sure looks like you’ve got your barre chords nailed too. I thought you did great with the pedal as well.

Ahhhh the good old WFH day’s, you have to love them. :smiley:

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Cheers Stefan! Indeed, the odd 10 minutes of WFH practice adds up quite rapidly!

Well done…Songs great. Congratulations.

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Well played Mark, that was a good barre chord workout. I don’t know the song but it sounds like a great song to develop and I look forward to seeing/hearing how you progress with it if you add a vocal.

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