Lil Wayne should stop picking up a guitar

… I have no words for what he did with an eddie van halen…

That axe was in pain no doubt and Eddie was rollin in his grave telling minature wayne to stop… God I believe my own ears bled a bit

Whats next, a bass ruined?

Back story to explain of what you are talking about, coz I ain’t got a clue. :thinking:


Oh man…

interval 3:53 and then keep watching till… the so called “guitar solo” if that can even be count as one :rofl::rofl:

After your hard sell, I think I will skip it.

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I mean least he’s trying right?

Sorry lost me,

Perhaps someone could send him a JG link.

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I can’t un-hear that and that makes me sad.


Well, I suppose the spliff may have something to do with it, but NO, just NO NO NO NO NO………. ad nauseam!

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I disagree. Lil Wayne needs to keep picking up a guitar and sign up to the JG beginner’s course. He clearly has gone to the trouble of trying to learn a short sequence for the video so has some enthusiasm. Wouldn’t it be fun to have him on here asking for advice about the F chord?

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This is why I have opted for blissful ignorance. I have done the same with politics these days….


He played the exact same solo 12 years ago though, he made no effort to even learn the rest of the fretboard and still has poor technique

YOu telling me, not to mention… on a frankenstrat non the less.

Makes you want to cradle your own guitar Lol

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:rofl: That would be hilarious though he may still have the spliff.