Line 6 G10 and customer support

Just a shout out for great customer support from Line 6.

I bought a G10 wireless system over a year ago from a reputable guitar store online.

I used it occasionally in the first year due to mainly playing acoustic and it worked great. Roll on 14 months when I’ve moved most of my set up to a dedicated room and started to try and learn improvisation / soloing on my electric.

Imagine my disappointment to find the transmitter only lasting 10 or 15 minutes as opposed to they advertised 6-8 hours. Given I’d had it 14 months I saw little value in contacting the guitar store I bought it from.

Lots of googling and reading about firmware updates and people replacing the Tx battery with camera batteries with some success, I’m so glad I didn’t do the latter, driven mainly by the inability to find a suitable battery.

I did consider just buying a replacement but two things stopped me, what if the same happened again and more importantly no one has then in stock. All pre order only. The only way I found to purchase one in stock was to buy a Pod Go wireless, an attractive action I may well Perdue at this stage confidence in the brand was low.

Anyway I found the line 6 support site and raised a ticket. They provided detailed advise on how to update the firmware on the TX and RX and various other details to see if it could be restored, In short nothing worked and they told me to contact Line 6 support in UK priding contact details.

A gave them a call and spoke to Chris. He arranged for UPS to collect my system FOC so its could be tested. a week later I was advised the TX was faulty and a new TX would be ordered from Germany. This took around a week and UPS delivered to my door this morning again FOC. I was please to see the replacement was the latest version G10Tii as opposed to the original g10.

So the new TX is now on charge and showing all the right LED indications, I’ll find out in about 3 hours time if all is good.

So to summarise, fantastic customer support from Line 6 despite my purchase being the standard 12 month warranty period. A great comfort should I chose to buy more of their products in future.