Line 6 POD Express

$180 USD at sweetwater

Honestly looks like a hella lot of kit in a very small affordable pedal

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Heres a (sponsored) walk through/review

Sounds great, even a looper, lots and lots to tweak

Definitely looks like it could be a great portable practice tool with great sounds, a looper, and battery power.

I think that not having Bluetooth is a pretty big miss, but maybe not a fatal flaw.

I have a Mustang Micro that makes for a great practice tool and I often stream a backing track or metronome via Bluetooth. But I do miss having a looper.

When I bought the Micro, it was only $99, now they go for $120. If I was in the market right now Iā€™d probably spend the extra $60 to get the Pod Express.

They should have made it kidney bean shaped.

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