Line 6 | POD Go 2.0 Firmware Update

Hiya Folks

I know we have a few POD Go users in the community and due to my recent experiments setting up some acoustic pre-sets, my good friend @rossco01 gave me the nudge that there was an imminent firmware upgrade on the 7th November. I’ve since installed the upgrade and had a look at the abundance of new toys that are available but as yet I have not done the factory reset to apply the “new” factory pre-sets - hopefully later this week.

Anyway I just dropped on this streamed demo of all the new gear and thought folks here may be interested. :sunglasses:


Cheers Toby, I’ll watch that later.

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The “big deal” is the new cab engine which is the same as implemented on the helix. It really is significantly better. There are now three choices in your cabs the new cabs, legacy (original) cabs and IR. The legacy means you don’t lose the old ones and your presets will retain your “legacy” cabs. It’s easy therefore to simply compare old and new simply by switching between them.

There as always a couple of new amps and some new fx pedals. All very good ( in particular the gramatica amp and 4 voice chorus pedal… if you like chorus which I do).


Just done the factory reset and see there are quite a few new pre-sets, so looking forward to seeing what they are like. Oh and managed to restore my own User presets successfully, which was a bit of a worry but all good ! :+1:

Cheers for that Toby :grinning:
After an initial burst of new-toy enthusiasm I had settled into a couple of presets that I liked and left it largely untouched (as I presumed might happen).
Funny coincidence though, I spent a couple of very enjoyable hours yesterday messing around with it. I loaded all the updates today, although I’m not sure I actually need more cabs & pedals :thinking:
I suppose more is more! :laughing:
A couple of interesting things I stumbled on:
Use with Trio+: I had been simply running the looper in parallel via the headphone output to the aux on my Katana, but came across this more elegant solution:

Guitar > Trio+ (Guitar In)
Trio+ (FX Send) > Pod Go (Guitar In)
Pod Go (Main Out - Mono or Amp Out) > Trio+ (FX Return)
Trio+ (Amp Out) > Amp

Also, I recognised some of the ‘nicknames’ for the amps/cabs, (not so much the pedals), but found this page which tells you what they are supposed to represent.

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Yes way to go if you’re Trio-ing !
Good to see you having a fiddle !