Liquified - Troy Stetina

Song 2 from a Troy Stetina’s Total Rock Guitar book. This is a really simple tune, mainly focused on practicing Hammer ons, Pull offs, Rolling, single note, and sliding techniques. I’d categorize this as one of those deceptively difficult songs. Rolling the notes in the first riff is tough, especially going from the 4th to 6th strings. The second riff is also tough, specifically trying to hit everything without hitting other strings by mistake.

Feedback always welcome:

Note: For some reason adobe premiere cut of a bunch of the screen. No idea why.


Very clean riffing and an excellent tone from that Gibson LP Studio. What amp effects are you using? Have you tried a bend instead of the slide on the second riff? Sounds to me like that part’s crying out for a nice bend. Cheers

You sound great ! Everything is “rock solid”. Bravo !

Technique’s looking tight, Alexis, and great tone too :clap::sunglasses::+1: Tick another box there my friend, you’ve got that one nailed :hammer::metal:

Nice clean playing Alexis. Even if it was deceptively difficult you made it look easy dude.

Sounds good, looks good, you just keep powering on, Alexis.

Is the picking all down picks on the first riff? If so is that prescribed as opposed to either alternate or economic?

As for the video, did you inadvertantly change the resolution when recording or maybe the resolution on rendering?

Solid playing, very good tone!!!
Loving this recording.

Hi Alexis,
Nice playing,sounding very cool :sunglasses: :clap:

Sounding good there Alexis. Well done.

Awesome Alexis, really good work. :slight_smile:

Thanks for watching! @BigLuc @nzmetal @jkahn @ReneAsologuitar @roger_holland @sairfingers @Libitina

Thanks for watching Peter. I’m using modeling software called tonelib gfx. I’m using a default preset called progressive lead. I figured that the single note stuff would sound good with a lead tone because all of the vibrato and sliding. I haven’t tried a bend, but I do hear what you mean. I guess it’s because I focused on playing the song exactly how it’s tabbed out in the book.

Thanks for watching David. No picking patterns are described in the book. This is probably because it’s only the second song (probably the second least difficult since it’s in order of difficulty) so he’s focusing the teaching part on the left hand stuff. I have seen a video of Troy playing this though and he’s alternate picking. I didn’t even notice you mentioned it but it does seem like it would make things a tad easier if I alternate picked that riff.

You’re probably right about the resolution, I did this in a rush last night so it’s possible I just screwed something up. I’ll have to pay more attention next time.


Some really clean execution there, Alex. Great tone, as always. You’re really starting to put it all together and it all sounds good!!
May I ask, what are your guitar goals? Joining a band, starting a band?

Hi Alexis, as your playing level is way beyond mine, I’m not able to give any constructive feedback. But I wanted to say, that it’s so inspiring to watch your progress and to see what is possible :star_struck:.

Thanks Dave. Not really sure what my goals are. When I started, I had vague notions of learning guitar because it was a goal of mine and my friends as teenagers. When one of those close friends of a similar age as I passed away due to illness it brought it back into my mind. Now, after over a year of playing I’m far beyond where any of us were back when we tried as kids (in large part due to Justin’s teaching) and it’s become a major hobby for me. I can’t imagine joining or starting a band due to how busy I am. Married, young child, full time job, and unfortunately interested in many hobbies (video games, books, TV). I just can’t see myself practicing and gigging regularly with other people. If I were younger and in a different part of my life, I think I’d do it for sure. For now, I’m content with getting better and learning songs that I love. Sorry for the long answer, I’ve actually been thinking about this lately, lol.

Thanks Nicole, glad to hear you enjoyed the video. I have similar feelings whenever others post videos. Your last video had me picking up my acoustic and messing around with fingerstyle for example.


Sorry, can’t deliver any constructive feedback, as your playing level is way beyond mine, but it seems as if you had mastered all the tecnical aspects you wanted. Very cool sound and great playing, as far as I’m able to evaluate.

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So nice to hear that :blush:.

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Nice stuff Alexis! Super clean and the techniques you’re working on with this seem to be in a very good position!
Cool sounding riffs :+1:

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Thanks Mark.

Getting into lead play, dig it! You played really diligently and accurately, well done. Soon enough you’ll be flying with your fingers all over the fretboard with some awesome metal solos :smiley: all the best!

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Hello Alexis…it sounds awesome, as others said already, very clean and accurate. I can’t give technical feedback but I can say it has been a very enjoyable listening :blush:

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