List of video lessons

Weird question, I know, but does anyone happen to have a list of songs that Justin has done lesson videos on? I realize I can search them on the website, but I want to do a list comparison against music that I have in my own library, and I’d like to see all the songs in an easy-to-see list format. I could make a list myself, but I was wondering if anyone already has a list made or if site developers might have a listing already generated in Excel or something that they’d be willing to share, even if its not 100% up to date. Thanks.

Here you go. All songs with grade indication in an Excel worksheet.

All JG songs in XLS


Uh oh, the file isn’t available. If there is some legal reason it can’t be shared, I understand.

Let’s try another file sharing service then. I’ve updated the link above.

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That worked. Thank you so much!! Exactly what I was looking for!

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Wow the list of just the Beatles :flushed:

Wow that’s amazing. Is that something you worked up to answer @artax_2 Stacy’s question or did you just happen to have it to hand?

Nice list and a very useful reference. Thanks :clap:
Fancy adding hyperlinks to enable direct click-throughs to each of those lessons … ? :wink: :rofl:

I already had it. I use it to keep track of original keys, capo positions and other stuff I’m likely to forget over time (I edited that out before sharing the file.)

Yes, I’m a maniac.


I love Excel. I use it daily for work and I have an aptitude for it for list making, tracking and organizing.


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My kind of Maniac Jeff, terrific work, thank you!!

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